Hounslow Business Task Force at Ten - Free Webinars:
We are hosting our next Business Task Force webinar on Thursday, 7 th May at 10:00 am, in conjunction with Chiswickbuzz , in our continuing commitment to our businesses across the borough and wider community.
Our expert panel is here to give you relevant advice to help you though these difficult times. 
If you have missed our webinars, you can watch them now:  https://hounslowchamber.org.uk/10015
Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS)

As per the announcement by Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, last week Monday, approved banks has launched yesterday the Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS) for its clients to support them during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The new loan scheme is a different offering from the current CBILS product, and aims to support clients with their borrowing needs from £2,000 up to £50,000, which are 100% guaranteed by the government.

Details around the product and application are stated below:

  • Available to a UK based business that was established before 1 March 2020 and has been adversely impacted by Covid-19.
  • The lending request cannot exceed 25% of 2019 total turnover.
  • £2,000 to £50,000.
  • 6 year BBLS term.
  • The UK government will guarantee 100% of the loan and cover the first 12 months of interest payments & fees.
  • The interest in year 1 does not roll up, therefore, the capital will be repayable over a 5-year term (6-year loan with a 12-month capital repayment holiday).
  • The business remains liable for the repayments of the capital.
  • 2.5% fixed interest rate.
  • No arrangement fee.
  • No early repayment charge.
  • Approval in 48 hours
  • If a business was in the process of applying for a CBILS product between £25,001 - £50,000, the banks will be directing them to complete the online application for BBLS.
  • If a business already has a CBILS, they cannot apply for a BBLS unless their original loan will be refinanced in full by the new BBLS.
  • The minimum CBILS amount has gone up from £25,001 to £50,001 with the introduction of BBLS.

Please get in touch with us for further information on the Bounce Back Loan Scheme

Lockdown: Chambers call for phased easing
The British Chambers of Commerce have asked Ministers to set out plans immediately for a "carefully phased" lifting of the UK's coronavirus lockdown.

"This is a time to be bold," said the British Chambers of Commerce, adding high public spending should continue if needed to restart the economy.

In a letter to Mr Johnson, BCC president Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith said planning and communication of the government's approach to leaving lockdown "must begin immediately if we are to harness the public health and economic benefits".

Boris Johnson has said he will outline plans relating to schools, commuting and the workplace in the coming week. But the PM stressed the UK must not "risk a second spike" in infections.

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said business groups and major employers expect to receive draft guidance from the government on Sunday about the safe return to work when the lockdown eases.

Help shine a light on the stories of key workers
The government is asking businesses to tell them about key workers you know that are helping to keep the UK moving during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Please fill in this online form for key workers in the following sectors: manufacturing, construction, consumer goods, scientists/researchers, servicing, postal workers, and oil/gas/electricity/water/sewage/chemical workers.

Ask a question at a coronavirus press conference
Find out how you can ask the government a question at the daily coronavirus press conference here.

Across west London, those construction sites which closed over concerns that they could not operate safely under the current covid-19 conditions are beginning to reopen.
The Maker Station has been busy collaborating with local fundraising groups to help provide the NHS with scrubs.  Please click here for heart warming and humbling information on how they have got the local community involved and the response they have received. 
'We want Scrubs' set up by Kyla has provided many scrubs to local GP's and care homes that have seen a massive shortage during Covid 19.  They need donations for fabric and supplies – please help if you are able.
Bridget Osborne and her small team have been running Chiswick Calendar tirelessly for the past six years, promoting all things Chiswick, both community and business. She now needs our help:

Support The Chiswick Calendar CIC- request from Bridget Osborne
Like many another social enterprise in these times our income streams have largely dried up and we've had to pull in our horns. 

We've had lots of lovely emails from people saying you find these newsletters and The Chiswick Calendar website interesting and useful. Here's one: 

'Chiswick Calendar is great: interesting; genuinely useful; entertaining; educative; well balanced; and illuminating.

'I think you’re doing such a great job, and especially now as you have seamlessly evolved content in light of this disarming and unsettling ‘new world’.'

To enable us to continue what we're doing, if you appreciate our content we would be grateful if you would sign up to a monthly payment - suggested amount £3.00 per month, the price of a cup of coffee - so we have a regular income to pay the basic costs of running the website and newsletter.

Huge thank you to those who do decide to chip in.

Good News:
The Arts Centre, Hounslow is working with Schlomo and have included beatbox adventures in our @Home offer, which is a great resource for local children and schools. 

Here is the link to the website -  https://beatboxadventures.com
Coots in the Crane – courtesy of Alan Rides
Hounslow Chamber of Commerce is the primary support, networking, and representation organisation in west London for SMEs.

We support the interests, the commercial aspirations and the investment for some 18,000 firms - from Chiswick to Feltham, Heathrow to Osterley and Brentford to Bedfont - the Chamber is the voice for all businesses located in the borough.