Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal – August 2021 
Learning to educate while in lockdown
Unfortunately, the Covid cases in Cambodia are on the rise and it is important that we find ways to educate our students while in lockdown.

There is very little internet access in rural Cambodia, so, our team has resorted to the old-fashioned way of distributing workbooks and paper lessons. Our library books are being loaned out with our free breakfast program along with extra paper and pens so that kids can draw and write stories.

Fortunately, our new English methodology training program at the Provincial Teacher Training College can continue via Zoom as well as our preschool teacher training. Our older scholarship students also learn online. 

Please consider a donation for additional school supplies to 10,000 kids in 32 schools. It costs $1 per child to put schools supplies into their eager hands.
WASH Toilet blocks near completion
We have almost completed the 7 toilet blocks for the Rotary Club Sentosa, Singapore and the Rotary Global Grant. This has been a challenge for the construction team, due to lockdown of different areas. Only washstands to add for completion and then have the children back in school. 

Microloan Project Success
We are proud of the successful microloan rice seeds project as well as the corn and vegetables seeds project in 2021. Not only are the participating farmers able to feed their own families and communities, they have redeposited 100% of the loans with small interest. This helps our free breakfast program, and we can enlarge the pool of farmers for the next cycle. The extra funds will also boost our education program.
Thanks to SE Asia Foundation for funding the initial project as well as
Child’s Dream Cambodia for their continuing Covid Relief Program.
More Rotary Partners
CCDO continues to work hard in the field despite Covid challenges and is being trusted by various donors, both from West and East. We are very proud that we have connected to many of the Global Rotary Clubs. We are now working with Rotary Club Macau for the community development and WASH program. The first introduction was initiated by Mary Mendoza, who is part of our ASEAN Advisory Panel. The RC Macau past President, Joao Pinto, and present President Matthew Wong participated on the zoom call.

A big thanks to Rotary Club Phnom Penh Metro and Steven Swartz for coordinating partnerships with international clubs for CCDO project implementations. 

High School Student Excels
Congratulations to our 12th Grade high school scholarship student, Peang Yat. She received a coveted nursing scholarship. It is a great pleasure to see her get into her passionate career. She lives in the community where we started our work when she was a little girl. We have seen many positive changes and know that she will be back in four years to serve the health needs in her community. We are already excited! A big thank you to her wonderful sponsor Louise Williams, who is very proud.

CCDO English Program Spreads to Government Schools
CCDO has inspired the local government to endorse our English program curriculum and adapted our English Literacy Project. CCDO has produced various teaching materials and videos to support our western inspired teaching methods in local context. There are now 510 schools in Siem Reap Province who are using our English model. This translates to approximately 127,500 students who benefit from our program. Thanks to Sitha, Bunsrak, Choeurm and Sothea under to coordination of Education Coordinator, Sovoan Sem. Hopefully the schools soon reopen, and teachers and students can take full advantage. 
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.