Dear Parents,

Consonant with our guiding principle to support transparent and judicious communication, we are writing to share with you communication policies regarding Covid cases related to JKHA/ RKYHS. They are as follows:

  1. If a student or faculty member is confirmed positive by a personal test:
  • All JKHA/RKYHS families will be notified that a positive case exists in our school.
  • Pods, cohorts or faculty that require further action will be informed.

2. If we become aware of a student or member of our faculty who had suspicion of exposure (based on NJ Department of Health guidance) to a Covid positive person and has yet to be tested, we will apply the Return to Learn policy to those individuals. No communication will be shared regarding a member of our community who is in the process of being tested. We all must protect and respect each person’s privacy.

3. If we have a positive result from our population surveillance screening protocol, we will inform all members of the relevant pod and provide notice to all JKHA/RKYHS families. Otherwise, we don't report results of the screening protocol. In essence, “no news is good news”.

Please keep us informed about any information regarding Covid exposure that may impact the school community. Based on the circumstances, we may request additional information, and will require complete transparency. We expect full cooperation from our families in order to ensure the safety of our community.

Cases may proliferate during the chagim, and we need to take every precaution to keep our students and faculty safe and our campus open. We are all responsible for each other, and your actions have a direct impact on all members of our community.

We wish you a Gmar Chatima Tova.

Eliezer E. Rubin