Dear JKHA/RKYHS Families,

I am sending this letter in response to your concerns about our population surveillance results. As you likely already know from members in your community, our population surveillance screen revealed a suspicion that there may be positive individuals in particular eighth grade and tenth grade pods (classes). In response to the suspicious screens, we decided to keep those grades out of school, along with siblings of students in those grades. This decision is consistent with our protocols in the Return to Learn Guide (page 11), which is designed to contain the spread of Covid, even if there is no confirmed positive test. Only students who were in the two suspicious pods - one class in eighth grade and one class in tenth grade - will be taking PCR tests. 

As we may see this situation again this school year, it is helpful to review our communication policies (which are subject to change). As was delineated in prior communications, our intention has been and will continue to be to inform families who are directly impacted by the suspicious pool, which would be an entire grade or class, not an entire division. Please review our communication policy here, which can also be found on our website. If a positive Covid test is confirmed through our population surveillance protocol or a PCR test, we will follow all communication guidelines and inform our community, in general terms, that a member or members of our community is/are positive for Covid.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we thoughtfully manage our responses to Covid with sensitivity and efficiency.


Eliezer E. Rubin