We NOW Open for IN-STUDIO Classes
with new guidelines and precautions

We are so excited to welcome you hOMe and once again share this place of peace!

Florida is still in Phase-1 of reopening, therefore caution and awareness must be practiced as we readjust to life outside of our homes. We are closely following the CDC and Yoga Alliance recommendations for yoga studios resulting in the guidelines listed below.

We have a unique situation to maneuver; practicing in a small enclosed space, closely gathered with other people, deeply breathing the same air. These guidelines are not meant to induce fear and anxiety but only to help each of you make an informed decision on whether or not practicing in person is the right decision for you, your comfort and safety. Although these guidelines include enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures, we do not want to give any of you a false sense of security. Unfortunately, as we begin to move about and interact with each other once again, even with social distancing, there is no way we can completely eliminate the risk of contracting and/or spreading corona or any other virus or pathogen. Our hope is that with your cooperation and adherence to the guidelines, we can proceed carefully with our students' and teachers' overall health and safety in mind.
We have not yet returned to our regular class times/schedule. We have a mixture of online and in-studio/in-person classes available. So, look for IN-STUDIO when registering for classes. Each student practicing at the studio in-will be asked to sign 2 new forms: one for Covid-19 and one A/V release (the teachers are simultaneously streaming online and being recorded for Virtual and On-Demand classes).

In-studio class size is limited to 12 students, therefore, all students must pre-register for in-studio classes via Mindbody , no walk-ins will be accepted. We also require a 1.5-hr advanced cancellation to avoid being charged a class visit or $15 cancellation fee to allow other students to attend if you cannot.
Guidelines - to be strictly followed by every student and teacher

Lobby and Studio:
  • Students will wait outside the door practicing 6ft social distancing.
  • Only 1 student at a time will be allowed to enter with a mask on to check in, put shoes in cubby, then proceed to the studio.
  • Shoe cubby has been moved in front of the desk. Students should stand there to be checked in and to sign the new COVID and Audio/Video release forms.
  • No Cash transactions.
  • No lines in the hallway waiting for the restroom.
  • Mat placement is marked with blue tape facing the sun wall. The front edge of the mat should be centered on and lined up with the front edge of the tape. 
  • There are mat cleaners and paper towels in various places throughout the studio.
  • No lingering before or after class. Students can socialize outside practicing 6 ft social distancing. 
  • There will be no snacks or tea available.
  • No studio props or mats will be available for use (we have props available for purchase if you do not have your own)
  • Maximum of 12 students and 1 teacher inside the studio.
  • Enhanced cleaning/disinfecting procedures are also in place to minimize surface/contact spread of microbes, including COVID.
  • New Air filters were recently installed and are changed per manufacture's recommendations.

  • ALL students MUST wear a mask before entering the front door. NO Exceptions. You can take the mask off to practice after everyone is on their mat. If you leave your mat, you must put the mask back on. 
  • Masks should be placed on a paper towel near your mat when not being worn.
  • ALL Students MUST sanitize or wash hands for 20 seconds after signing in, before practicing and after practicing before leaving.
  • ALL students MUST pre-register and sign in for classes online with MindBody, No Walk-Ins.
  • Please cancel in advance via MindBody or email. Cancellations less than 1.5 hours will be considered a late cancel and you will be charged one class visit or a $15 NON-Refundable fee. This will allow us to invite another student from the wait list.
  • Temperature checks via a touch-less forehead thermometer at check-in. Anyone with a temp greater than 99.9 F must leave the studio.
  • Bring your own mat and props.
  • Keep personal belongings to a minimum.
  • Once you are checked in, proceed to the studio, set up your mat and remain there with your mask on until class starts - no wandering, lingering or physical contact.
  • Please STAY HOME - If you are at all not well. If you have a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, new loss of smell/taste, or have come in contact with anyone who is ill, has any of these symptoms or is Covid positive. Remember some people are asymptomatic or only experience mild or less common symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Please STAY HOME - If you have traveled from another state or area of high incidence and quarantine for 2 weeks before coming to the studio.
  • All students MUST comply with these guidelines, NO exceptions. Any student refusing to follow guidelines will be asked to leave.

We want everyone to know the guidelines and trust that they are being followed. We don’t want one student to disrupt that for others.

Teachers will: 
  • Check their own temperature upon arrival.
  • Wear a mask except when on their mat teaching class.
  • Check each student's temp during check-in.
  • Stay on their mat at the front of class, no walking around the room.
  • No physical assists. No physical contact with other teachers or students.
  • No lotion or china gel. (both are available for sale in lobby)
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds immediately before and after teaching class.
  • Disinfect all touched and common surfaces including the studio floor after each class.

Memberships & Class Packages:
  • Our traditional drop-ins and Class Cards can used towards any In-Studio or Virtual Classes (excluding On-Demand)
  • Traditional Unlimited Passes can be used for any In-Studio, Virtual, & On Demand Class (excluding Kids Classes).
  • Virtual Class passes can only be used for Virtual/Online classes.
  • On Demand passes can only be used towards pre-recorded Video On Demand Classes (excluding Kids Classes).

  • If you are creating a Mindbody login for the first time (see below for instructions) and it does not link to your existing account and passes (no attendance or purchase history and no class passes), call or email us and we can merge your new online account with your existing account.
Technical Stuff

We are here to help with any technical assistance you need! Please call or email us if you experience any frustration or difficulties after or with following these instructions:

  • Create or Sign-In to MindBody using these links via your web browser or the MINDBODY App.
-From Web Browser
  • After creating or signing into your account select the Classes tab towards the top of your screen to view our schedule.
  • The weekly schedule will be visible. To see the next week's class schedule click the arrow next to the word 'week' towards the top of the page.
  • Once you choose the appropriate class day/time and format Click 'Sign Up Now'. If you have an active class pass you will be registered. If not you will be prompted to purchase a class pass.
  • After purchasing a pass you will be registered.
  • Once registered you will receive a confirmation email.

-From App
  • After downloading and signing in, enter Love Yoga in the search field and Naples, Fl in the location field
  • click on Love Yoga Center (if you don't see us, make sure Businesses is selected not Classes)
  • Click on View Schedule- to see more than the current day classes, swipe and choose future dates at the top of the screen.
  • Once you choose the appropriate class day/time and format Click 'Book'.
  • A pop up will show the class you choose and either the option to purchase a pass or to use an existing pass.
  • There are arrows next to 'pay with' to choose a different class pass or enter CC info for a new pass purchase. There is also an arrow next to the selected class pass for you to see all available pricing options for that particular class before purchasing/proceeding
  • Choose the appropriate payment method and class pass then click 'NEXT' or 'BOOK' to register.
  • Once registered you will receive a confirmation email.
  • You can also click Profile at the bottom of the App to see your upcoming and previous class schedule as well as your passes.

To CANCEL your Registration:

-From Web Browser
  • Sign-in using the link above
  • Click on 'My Schedule' in the 'My Info' tab the link directs you to
  • Click 'CANCEL' next to the class you will not be attending (please do so >24hrs in advance)

- From App
  • Sign-in
  • Click 'MY SCHEDULE' under Upcoming where you will see classes listed for which you registered
  • Click 'CANCEL' next to the class you will not be attending (please do so >24hrs in advance)
Our separateness is an illusion overcome by remembering
we are ALL in this together!

oṃ shāntiḥ shāntiḥ shāntiḥ hare oṃ

Please continue to practice Ahisma
Wear your mask while inside the studio, wash your hands before & after class, practice social distancing at all times, and avoid lingering in the lobby before and after class.

Thank You for your cooperation and ongoing support!

lokāh samastāh sukhino bhavantu

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

May all beings everywhere be happy and free; may the thoughts words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all