Update #14 - May 19, 2020

The Rybar Group, Inc. is committed to providing you with timely, ongoing communication regarding reimbursement and payment related regulations and opportunities as they become available

For ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), the challenges related to COVID-19 are immense as your facility works to balance clinical care, the changes in how that care is provided as well as the financial impact of the pandemic.
Additionally, the past few months have brought about a continuous flow of information related to COVID-19 and the various relief packages and funding options available to assist providers. We understand that the number of financial options can be overwhelming to read and challenging to disseminate.

The Rybar Group is available to do the work for you.

Our team of experts is available to help you understand your options and to ensure that you are taking advantage of the revenue opportunities that are available, working on your behalf through the entire process.

Evaluate to ensure that your facility is receiving all the various payment relief program funding for which it is eligible.
  • Work with your team to ensure that your documentation supports the different sources of funding relief to retain those funds.
  • Assist in working with the MAC or other regulatory entities on any questions, through any appeal process or in negotiating a repayment plan.
  • Determine ways your facility can work to improve its cash position and strengthen its balance sheet, including development of a plan for payback of the Accelerated and Advanced Payment Program funds and ways to offset decreased surgical volume.
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Julie Hardy
Director, Revenue Integrity and Payment

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