Dear Members,

As we head into June we are glad to see some movement around the club. With the tennis courts open and the staff coming back to prepare for Kids Tennis/Swim Club, there is energy back in the club!
Although we have no new news on opening other areas, we are hopeful that our county will receive the governor's recommendations on opening health clubs this week. We are on board with these guidelines and feel they are safe and manageable for members and staff. Once our public health officials deem it is safe to reopen other areas, we will be ready to act. Stay tuned!

Thank you to the over 650 of you who filled out our survey asking how ready you are to return to the club. The overall results are positive-you are ready to come back with changes. And we are on the right track in implementing these changes. Here are the overall results:
You're Invited!
Members Only Event
Friday, June 5th, from 4 - 6 pm
Poolside at the Flamingo*

Please join us for a special member's only launch event of our new pop-up concept restaurant "Wild Bird" at the Flamingo. 
Featuring organic, free-range chicken, the “Wild Bird” is what happens when you let uninhibited flavor fly the coop. Our signature fried chicken sandwich is dredged in a secret kaffir lime and Korean chili flake batter and ensconced with a Hawaiian roll, pink peppercorn pickles, yuzu aioli and cabbage slaw. Chefs Annie Hongkam and Sal Munguia spent the last few months perfecting the recipes and we are excited about the results. Other notable menu items include the "Veggie Bird", made in-house from a mushroom tofu blend and the "Beach Bird" grilled chicken sandwich. Salads, wings, and sides round out the menu. The "Family Pack" offers an easy option for families on the go and features either a half or whole fried   chicken with choice of sides - Umami Fries, Habanero Yam Fries, Mac N’ Cheese or Purple Potato Salad. 
Each Montecito Heights Health Club member will receive a complimentary sandwich and beverage .  The Tiki bar will be open too! 
*Please note: Pool is currently closed. All covid dining and gathering guidelines will be in place.

Tennis/Swim Youth Club will begin June 8! We are so excited to provide an opportunity for the kids to get outside for some much needed exercise and playtime. Please check out our full schedule as well as very important information about protocols for this summer's program.