Dear Members,
We cannot wait for this shelter in place to be lifted and hope all of you are safe and well. To say that we miss you is an understatement, and we cannot wait for all of us to be together again, working out and getting back to something close to normalcy. We have optimized the down time by providing virtual on-line classes and focusing on elevating current health and safety standards to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19. We look forward to sharing with you the details of our approach in the coming weeks, which will include new cleaning technologies, enhanced cleaning regimens and modifications to meet social distancing requirements. 
As we approach our third month of closure, we are faced with the reality we will be closed longer than we anticipated. In order to bring back our staff to prepare for reopening, implement sanitation protocols, expand our virtual classes offerings and remain a financially stable business, we will resume monthly billing for the month of May with monthly dues discounted to 50%. The billing will be processed on May 23, 2020 and drafted from the bank or credit card associated with your account. You will have the following options to consider prior to the dues being billed to your account on May 23:

  1. Pay monthly dues at a discount rate of 50% (no action required)
  2. Freeze your membership for $25 per month*

*To freeze your membership please fill out a Leave of Absence form . Please have form completed by May 20, 2020 to avoid charges for May
Assuming we are still closed in June, June dues will also be billed at 50% on June 20, 2020. We will continue at 50% dues while we are closed and will return to a normal billing cycle (billing on the first of the month) commencing in July. We are aware that members were billed full dues in March and the club was closed the last 2 weeks of the month. This credit will be applied to members’ accounts the first full month that we are open and resume billing dues at the regular rate.
Our instructors have enjoyed connecting with many of you through the virtual classes being offered on-line and these classes are now included in the dues. (Any member who purchased classes in May will receive a refund). We will continue to expand these offerings to include a variety of classes and drills for all levels and abilities and sport specific needs.
We will continue to keep you updated on any club news as it becomes available and encourage you to reach out with any suggestions on how we can stay connected during this time. I wanted to take a moment also to thank those of you who donated funds to the team. I cannot tell you how this warmed my heart and how much it meant to all of us at the Montecito Heights Health Club. We are also grateful for the many club members who have reached out to share their expertise in effort to help navigate these trying times and contribute to our club and its community. 

In good health,
Catherine DuBay-General Manager