Dear Southeastern Gymnastics families,

We hope all of our families are doing well and have stayed healthy during the Covid pandemic. We are making every attempt to keep our facility clean and our staff, gymnasts, and families healthy.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of remaining diligent with Covid precautions.

Please do not come to the gym if you have had exposure to a known Covid positive individual, or have been in contact with a sick individual, or have symptoms of a covid infection.

Please wash your hands frequently and wear a mask when entering the WAC building and gym. Gymnasts should take this precaution and wear a mask when entering and exiting and remove your mask when exercising.

Gymnasts of all ages need to remember and/or be reminded that social distancing is a very important consideration in helping to prevent the spread of this virus. While this concept is difficult for our younger gymnasts, it is something that needs to be enforced and our older gymnasts can help to set an example. In addition, parents play a role in reminding their children of appropriate behavior in the gym during this pandemic. Finally, our coaches need to try to keep our gymnasts as socially distanced as possible. It is important for all to realize that even when maximum effort from all parties is demonstrated, it is impossible to achieve social distancing 100% of the time with children. It is up to each family to determine if they are comfortable sending their child to gym knowing there may be a social distancing breech.

As always, we are striving to provide the highest quality gymnastics and consider your health and well being of utmost importance.

Thank you,
Mitzi and Mike Treske, coaches, and staff


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