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Fall 2013  

Hello Everyone!


This letter marks the end of another wonderful and eventful season at the ranch. As many of you may know, some of the outer parts of the ranch were mildly impacted by the Tres Lagunas fire in the early summer. Once the fire hit the ranch, it was a ground fire and did not burn hot. As a result, only a few trees were lost and the grasses grew back almost immediately, erasing any evidence of a fire. Then in mid-September, at the same time as the Colorado flooding, the ranch experienced terrible flooding, which was non fire related and due to 7 days of steady rainfall. Throughout all of this, the buildings, the fishery and the valley were relatively unharmed, with the exception of some of our fish getting pushed downstream. The stream is back to its normal flow and thankfully is not showing any evidence of ash in the waters. This being said, there is still a tremendous amount of clean-up to be done on the ranch. We will be doing extensive work to the land, the fencing and the roads, the necessary clean-up on the stream, and some restocking efforts throughout this fall, winter, and next spring in order to restore the ranch to its pristine condition.  


Because of the need to refocus our efforts, we will be changing the direction of our course of business in 2014 in order to allow us the necessary time this winter to attend to the repairs and improvements needed on this beautiful 1200 acre piece of land. We will not be running the lodge as a full service fishing lodge and guest ranch, but will instead be offering our guests the chance to rent the lodge out on an exclusive self service basis, at a reduced rate, with more flexibility in dates of stay. We will continue to maintain our commitment to providing a world class fly fishing experience to our guests. 


Many of you have become so dear to our hearts over the years and we hope that you will continue to return to visit and vacation with us here at the ranch despite these changes. Thanks to your support over the years, the ranch has thrived and has been a part of so many family and corporate memories. We are so grateful for each and every one of you. 


We would love to see each of you back at Cow Creek Ranch for the 2014 season and we will work with you on helping to coordinate the details. If you already have a spot reserved, we will be reaching out to you over the course of the next week to see if you wish to reserve the lodge during that time period. Let us know if you would like us to send you some available dates. Click here to see our new rates and to make a reservation. We are looking forward to another great season at the ranch.   


Hope to see you in 2014,

Lanier and Mike Hartnagle

Ranch Managers

Cow Creek Ranch

A Reflection on Cow Creek Ranch....

Past * Present * Future

Past History
Settled in the early 1900's Martin's Cow Creek Ranch was originally a horse and cattle ranch and home to the Martin family. It later became one of the first dude ranches in the area and was opened to the public in the early 1930's. It was run by the four Martin girls who hosted groups of families and friends and introduced them to the ranching lifestyle.
The waters of Cow Creek became known for their unsurpassed fishing opportunities, while the beauty of the surrounding hillsides attracted visitors from all across the country. Business grew quickly through word of mouth, and what became the tradition of Cow Creek Ranch has now lasted through generations. 

Click here to read a more detailed history of Cow Creek Ranch.
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Staying Connected 


We want to stay in touch with each of you! To better provide you with all the latest fly fishing news, big fish pictures, and more, the ranch can now be found on Twitter. All of our followers on both Twitter and Facebook can be the first to know about booking information, water and weather conditions, etc. simply by following our posts. Also, videos are now available on Youtube to see Cow Creek Ranch up close and in action. The links below can take you to several of our latest posts. Be sure to check us out to keep receiving updates!  





Recent Years

In most recent years, Cow Creek Ranch has been busy with the hustle and bustle of outdoor activities, from horseback rides to sporting clays and fly fishing to cowboy music around the campfire. It has provided a true mountain experience for so many guests. Some of the biggest trout, as well as some of the purest strains of native trout in New Mexico, have been caught in the quality waters of the ranch, making for stories that will last a lifetime.  



We have watched families grow, children mature, lives be changed, old friends be reunited, new friendships be made, and dear friends share some of the final fishing memories of their lives here at the ranch. Under the owner- ship of the Mead family, the ranch has worked hard to foster the lifestyle and tradition of fly fishing in families so that it may be passed on to future generations.  



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Future Plans 


Although the ranch will not be open as a full service lodge and guest ranch, it will continue to be managed by Lanier and Mike Hartnagle and be maintained as a premier fly fishing ranch. We will be allowing our guests to  privately rent out the facility for overnight stays with a minimum of two nights, as well as exclusive day use rental for special events. Guests will also be able to gain day access to waters on the ranch throughout the entire season. Click here to see our new rates and updated website.


Share Your Memories

We have always tried hard to document and preserve the stories and history of the ranch. Over the years, many of you have sent in photos, video, sketches, journals, and have even recorded oral history to help ensure that the past is not lost.  


We know that so many of you love and cherish this majestic place, and we ask you to help us in any way that you can to document your experiences at Cow Creek Ranch. Just send us anything you would like to share to flyfish@cowcreeranch.



Thank You

We would like to thank all of you for your continued support over the years. Without the patronage of our loyal guests we would not have been able to carry on the tradition and heritage that is Cow Creek Ranch.