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Newsletter 30th January 2020
Cowes Harbour annual safety review
At the Harbour Office, we are busy carrying out our annual safety review, and in particular reviewing the Cowes General Directions, which are effectively the local harbour rules. If any updates are recommended, these will be presented to Commissioners at the February Board meeting and any agreed changes will then be put out to statutory consultation with the Advisory Committee, Chamber of Shipping and RYA. In this newsletter, we also have an interesting interview with Capt. Martin Phipps MBE, our Designated Person for safety at Cowes.

I would like to place both my own personal tribute and that of the Commissioners to John Dudley, who as mariners often refer, has gone aloft for the last time. The respect for “John the gentleman sailor” and his contribution to the harbour and Cowes yachting in general through his flag officers and Commodore roles at the Island Sailing Club, two terms as a Harbour Commissioner, and his time on the Board at Cowes Yacht Haven amongst his other life achievements were properly recognised and celebrated at his Holy Trinity Church service this month. It was a fitting testament to John that the Church was truly full to the gunwales with not even standing room left.

Meanwhile, last weekend, CHC was invited to attend the Royal London Yacht Club’s briefing to their Race Officers and I gave a presentation about what is going on in Cowes and the highlights and challenges of running a busy harbour such as ours.

Looking ahead to the summer and Cowes Week (8th-15th August), I am extremely pleased to announce that our Board of Commissioners has decided to reduce berthing rates at Shepards Marina for the 8-day regatta by up to 33% compared to 2019. This is on top of CHC having held Cowes Week marina berthing prices for three years in a row, following an earlier reduction in 2016. CHC is committed to supporting the Cowes Week event for the benefit of the harbour and town, and we hope this move will encourage even more sailors to compete in the regatta this year.

Capt. Stuart McIntosh - Cowes Harbour Master

Top photo: Luxury sailing yacht Asgard (42.82m) at Trinity Landing, Cowes.
Cowes seeks new Harbour Commissioners
Cowes Harbour Commission (CHC) is once again looking to appoint two new Commissioners to serve on the independent Board of the Trust Port of Cowes, one of the busiest leisure harbours in the UK.

Each year, the Commission conducts a recruitment campaign for new Commissioners and this year CHC is seeking two high calibre individuals to become non-executive members to the Board.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate a familiarity with local issues relating to Cowes Harbour, coupled with an emphasis on skills and experience in marine and port safety, HR, business strategy, or Chartered Surveying.

Applications will be welcomed from all sections of the community to further widen diversity on the Board.

A conversation with Martin Phipps MBE
Cowes Harbour Commission’s appointed ‘Designated Person’ for safety, Capt. Martin Phipps MBE (previously Harbour Master at Southampton Port), has been talking about the role of Designated Person, how it originated, and how Cowes Harbour’s compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code is monitored.

In the interview, Capt. Martin Phipps MBE explains what the role of Designated Person encompasses and how it is fulfilled, how incidents are reviewed Solent-wide and the importance of reporting incidents in the first place, and how internal checks and external auditing of safety is carried out at Cowes Harbour.

‘Works and Asset Manager’ vacancy
CHC is currently recruiting for the new position of ‘Works & Asset Manager’. This is a permanent project management role with responsibility for the day-to-day maintenance and procurement of all CHC’s marine and property assets (including moorings, vessels, plant/equipment, and properties), as well as the management of capital projects.

The successful candidate will have a marine engineering background and/or marine works and maintenance contract experience and qualifications. Salary will be by negotiation and based on experience.

For further information and a full job description, please contact the Harbour Office: 01983 293952, email or visit:
Stakeholder Benefits Policy

The Board of Commissioners has considered it appropriate to develop a set of guidelines on which stakeholder benefit applications can be judged, and a new policy has now been agreed.

Tall ships and large yachts

Cowes is one of the UK’s most popular cruising destinations for tall ships and private yachts. Following recent customer requests, CHC has installed three-phase electricity on Trinity Landing.