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Individual Training Program with Robert Bosnak 

Participate in a free Dream Incubation Group with Machiel Klerk
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Keep up with the latest in depth psychology this summer with Jung Platform. Learn about one year individual apprenticeships with Robert Bosnak, and stay tuned for great upcoming programs, including Malidoma Some on Gift and Purpose, and Aaron Kipnis on the psychopath. 

Read a great blog about cowry shell divinations with Jung Society Founding President Machiel Klerk here , and get a $50 discount on the shamanic divination reading by signing up  here , and use discount code: Purpose10 

Join a special individual training program with Robert Bosnak! See the third text box below for more information about this exciting apprenticeship opportunity.

Be part of a free dream incubation group with Machiel Klerk starting July 1st. See the fourth text box below for more information.

Stay tuned for updates on another magical season this fall! We're looking forward to a special event with Andrew Harvey on Rumi, a workshop by Andrew Harvey and Machiel Klerk together, and an event on mandala drawing in co-operation with Cirque Lodge.

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Contact Machiel Klerk ( or +1-801-656-8806).

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Cowry Shell Divination with Machiel Klerk

Machiel has spent the last two years learning the art of cowry shell divination.
Get a $50 discount with discount code: Purpose10

You can sign up here for a cowry shell divination with Machiel Klerk. 

Machiel is a gifted diviner who embraces the spiritual healing tradition of his country of birth, South Africa. Several years ago the African shaman Malidoma Somé recognized him as a diviner, and since then Machiel has been in an apprenticeship with him.

The cowry shell divination is a multi-faceted and adaptable modality and can address any number of sought inquiries that may be of present concern, such as relationships, occupation, health... anything that is relevant to your present interests.

Validating personal gifts, it sheds light on how best to navigate your current path, both practical and inspirational, and helps to clarify an increased awareness of the internal and external obstacles and how best to approach the challenges you face.

The way in which the modality is applied and carried out invites an open, creative, and honest dialogue of inquiry and evokes curiosity that can circumvent worn out thought patterns and beliefs we can get stuck in over time, unlike other forms of inquiry that can inhibit the unconscious mind.

Read a fascinating blog on Divinations and Machiel  here.

For further inquiry visit or you can contact Machiel at: or call him at +1-801-656-8806.

One Year Individual Apprenticeship with Robert Bosnak

One year individual apprenticeship via Internet in Embodied Imagination® and practical applications of alchemical psychology with 
Robert Bosnak

"Acquire voluntary access to creative imagination  for invention, innovation, business, art, therapy, science research and health."

Since I've begun teaching alchemical psychology via the Jung Platform I have received many requests for short term individually tailored  trainings in the practical applications of alchemical psychology and Embodied Imagination®. This apprenticeship is for people who want to familiarize themselves with a globally practiced direct access to creative imagination. It has been proven applicable in a wide variety of fields. 

We have found that dreams like to play with us if we issue them a clear invitation.
Therefore an apprenticeship will start with dream incubation -- directed dreaming to activate dreaming intelligence. The apprentice will focus on a central issue in their individual or professional life, be it in business, technology, art, or any other field requiring voluntary access to creative imagination. This will be followed by a brief 8-session in-depth exploration of the dreaming imagination with Robert Bosnak focused on the question posed by the apprentice.

On the basis of this, 4 theory sessions will follow, taught individually by Bosnak, focussing on the particular exploration. Alongside the course Bosnak's entire theoretical introduction to alchemical psychology via the Jung Platform will be available. (75 hours)

The apprenticeship concludes with a 4-day on site meeting with Bosnak and other apprentices (to be conducted when 5 apprentices are in training.)

After half a year each apprentice will start bi-monthly Internet sessions with a colleague apprentice, 3 of these sessions will be directly supervised by Bosnak.

Total costs of the training: 

US $3,300  for 15 individual 60-minute Internet sessions with Robert Bosnak, plus access to the entire archive of Bosnak's alchemical psychology courses via Jung Platform. (For those who already have taken these Jung Platform courses US $300 will be deducted.)

US $2,000  for 4-day final on-site training 
Apprentices will receive a certificate of completion signed by Robert Bosnak, originator of the Embodied Imagination® method.

(In order to become a fully qualified Embodied Imagination® practitioner certified by the International Society for Embodied Imagination®, which enables practioners to professionally apply the EI method with clients without supervision, extra training is required.)

Pay over the phone: call Machiel Klerk at +1 801-656-8806 

You can also send a check to
Jung Platform
29 West Layton Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Pay via PayPal to

Do you want to participate in a free dream incubation group?
with Machiel Klerk
Introductory presentation June 28, group begins July 1.

We are conducting a dream incubation experiment. We would like to explore the types of questions we can ask and what the responses are by the dream. The results and some of the dreams might be shared in a book or publication. We can alter your name so that you can remain anonymous. You can always enter, and if you don't want the dream to be shared in publication then you always have that option. 
Topics we will incubate are Love, Vocation, Life path, Health, Finances, Spiritual explorations, Fun
Length: 8 weeks
There will be a 45 minute talk as a start  Wednesday June 28 at 6:00pm PST /  9:00pm EST. The introduction will be recorded and you get a copy of it. Then once a week you will get a question to incubate for the following week. 

Start:  July 1
Requirements to enter: O pen for everyone, whether you dream a lot or never. Just an interest in trying to experiment and having an open mind. Even if you have poor dream recall, you will see it picks up once you enter such an experiment.
Interested: Send an email to Machiel Klerk at

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Facing Shadow: Jungian Thought and the Japanese Myth of Umibōzu

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Several weeks back while perusing a favorite internet site as I sipped my morning brew I happened upon an allegory for the work day ahead, a day of therapy sessions likely to be filled with emotional monsters of all kinds.  The tale was of the Umibōzu, the Japanese Sea Monk, figured in an Edo period woodblock print with a short caption depicting the moment when a fisherman is confronted by the sea monster's giant black dome, ogling eyes, and interrogating voice...

Against the roar of the waves the apparition asks, "Name the most horrible thing you know!" 

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Calling all Lucid Dreamers!

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