Coyote Attacks
Dear Neighbors,

The head of Animal Care and Control, Kelley Gandurski, just held a press conference concerning yesterday's coyote attack near the Notebaert Museum. The link to view that press conference is here:

According to Ms. Gandurski, a 6 year old child was running up the hill north of the Museum on Cannon Drive with his caretaker right behind him. The coyote was in the grassy area just over the hill and the child may have inadvertently gotten close to the animal. The coyote bit the boy. The caretaker was able to get the coyote to release the boy by kicking it and yelling. The boy is in good condition. According to Cook County, there has not been a case of a rabid coyote in Cook County since the 1950s. 

Executive Director Gandurski stated that all her forces are canvassing the area around the Notebaert by foot. There was also a sighting in Oz Park but not located. While it is believed that the coyote left the Oz Park area, the Chicago Police Department will be on site to assist throughout the afternoon.

There have been many reports of a coyote that is limping, but this predates the attack on the child. It is very likely that this limping coyote is NOT the animal that bit the boy based on the witness statements. A separate report that a man was bitten by a coyote near Northwestern Hospital has not been confirmed.

Executive Director Gandurski stressed that this incident is the first attack on a human in decades, if ever, for our region.

When the animal is found, it will be captured humanely and CACC will remove it.

Chicago Animal Care and Control is urging residents to call 311 if they see a coyote. If you see a coyote in our Ward, after reporting to CACC, please also email us at or call us at 773-348-9500 and we will relay that information to CACC immediately.

Do not feed it. Remove dog or cat food or bird feeders from your yard.

Make sure your garbage is secure.

Do not approach it. Make loud noises and other "hazing" gestures

Please keep your dog on a leash.

Use "hazing" techniques to discourage coyotes. The Coyote Management Plan describes these, particularly:

  • Yelling and waving your arms while approaching the coyote
  • Making loud noises with whistles, air horns, megaphones, soda cans filled with pennies, pots and pans
  • Throwing projectiles such as sticks, small rocks, cans, tennis balls or rubber balls at the direction of the coyote
  • Squirting water from a hose, water gun or spray bottle (with vinegar water)

If you and your neighbors are seeing coyotes too often, these actions to discourage coyotes from coming around. However, please use common sense and caution. Never try to attract a coyote, and if you feel unsafe, leave the area.

We will keep you updated.

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