Craig Wolf's 2018 Slingshot SLR

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Customer Spotlight: Craig Wolf's Slingshot with Reflective Orange Rimstripes

In May of this year, Craig ordered 3/8" Reflective Orange rimstripes to install on his 2018 Polaris Slingshot.  In June, he sent an email and was having some problems.
6/3/18 Craig Wolf wrote: 

I have a concern regarding the Stripe-It Rimstripes tape I received. I ordered the 3/8 tape because I wanted the most color to show on my rims. I installed the tape on all 3 rims of my Polaris Slingshot. I followed the 3 steps to cleaning the rims, and used the tape install tool, which worked great.  It all went smooth, and looked great. But, about an hour after I finished, the tape started to lift and crease, as you can see in the attached pictures.  This won't work for me.  It seems like the tape is too wide and maybe not flexible enough for the bend needed to go around the rims.  The front rims are 17" and the rear rim is 18". I am hoping maybe the narrower options may work better, and also hoping, with your advice, that you could send me either the 1/4" or 1/8" tape for my rims. I really like the look of your product, and would love to get it to work. 
Thank you in advance,
Craig Wolf
6/4/18 Rob Masecar replied:
Good Morning Craig, 
Sorry to see that.  Thanks for the feedback and pics.  We will mail you a roll of 1/4" instead of 3/8". 
We have experienced the inner edge lifting problem with some tapes when the tape is too wide and installation temp is cool (50 degree garage) but I'm guessing that is NOT an issue in Clovis, NM this time of year.
When you mentioned, " It all went smooth, and looked great. But, about an hour after I finished, the tape started to lift and crease", my guess is that the tape was not firmly contacted to the rim (after installation be sure to go back over it with a firm finger pressure (or a squeegee) to ensure maximum adhesion and full contact).  It is also possible that the rim may still not be super clean (if you use Tire Shine products, that silicone slime is VERY HARD to remove). 
Let us know how the 1/4" works out. 
Rob at Tapeworks
6/4/18 Craig Wolf wrote:

Thanks so much!  Your right, temp not an issue right now, highs near 100, lol.  I'll be sure to give the 1/4" tape extra strong pressure while applying this time around.   I think I had the rims clean enough, followed the 3 step cleaning per the included instructions.  The Slingshot only has 400 miles on it, and I never use tire treatments either.  
Thanks again,

6/4/18 Rob Masecar replied:

Thought you'd like this newsletter we sent out last November about a customer who installed the same 6139-3/8 rimstripes on his Slingshot. 
Don't figure. 
Looking forward to your 1/4" installation pics, too!
6/16/18 Craig Wolf wrote:

Thanks for that article, looks great!  Finally got around to installing mine, worked like a charm with the 1/4" stripes.  Attached are some pictures of mine.  Enjoy!
Thank you Craig.  A very nice machine you have there!

Upcoming: Corvettes at Carlisle, August 23-26, 2018

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Tapeworks will be in Building Y, booth BY005, doing live demonstrations, selling Stripe-It-All Tools and Rimstripes, and hopefully running around doing installations on customers' cars.

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