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What's the Right Relationship with Indigenous People?
As a settler – a white person descended from Europeans who took over this land – it’s hard to know how I’m supposed to feel and what I’m supposed to do in order to be in what Quaker’s call “right relationship” with Indigenous people. At the very least -- I have come to believe -- I should not turn my head away. I should at least hear some stories, learn some history, see things as best I can from Indigenous points of view.

As with all matters before us – as a society, in organizations, and in families – let’s at least keep our eyes open to all views before coming to conclusions. Let's at least learn all we can from those who know most. Let's not warp our history for our own convenience and comfort.
Things to do
Visit a Museum

The Abbe Museum website is a good place to visit even if you can't make the trip to Bar Harbor, Maine.

If you are new to learning about the Indigenous people of Maine, here's a good page to start on.

The Abbe Museum showcases the history and cultures of the Native people of Maine through changing exhibitions, special events, teacher workshops, archaeology field schools, and workshops for children and adults. In 2013, the Museum became the first and only Smithsonian Affiliate in the state of Maine. Last month Executive Director Chris Newell (Passamaquoddy) announced his resignation yet I continue to trust that the future museum will showcase the past and current traditions of Maine's Indigenous people in honorable ways.
Watch a Video

Twenty minutes of beautiful videography are combined with an explanation of how land was recently given back to the Passamaquoddy people, and how “land back” is trying to become a movement.

Read a Book

Until just a few decades ago, the stories found in this volume were told orally as an integral part of Passamaquoddy home life. The traditional stories collected in this volume link the memories of Passamaquoddy elders to the world of today’s younger generations. The stories help us understand how Passamaquoddy community and culture have changed over the years.

And here’s a Resource Sheet

This Resource Sheet is super-useful.

Developed by Quakers in 2020 -- The Right Relationship Resource Group -- it's a well-organized list of links to learn more.

Hybrid Meeting Success Factors
This video doesn’t give you nuts and bolts but explains very well the overarching Key Success Factors for hybrid meetings:

  • Ensure everyone participates

  • Invest in good technology

  • Create a 3-in-1 meeting design

  • Collaborate before and after the meeting

This video is an an excellent overview by an actual meeting scientist. Wait, there are meeting scientists?
Maine’s own Sue Inches writes the book
Written by environmental policy expert Susan B. Inches, Advocating for the Environment is an easy-to-understand, empowering guide to help you take action and enact environmental change.

Part I begins with how we must learn to think differently in order to achieve this vision and heal the planet.

Part II of the book is all about action. How to use power for good, work with decision-makers, organize events, manage a coalition, communicate with the public, and work with the media are all laid out in an easy-to-read and easy-to-reference format.

I have worked with Sue and she's pretty great.

Inspired to Act

In this video I explain that the best outcome of any meeting or training session is if people are inspired to act.

I outline the three key things that cause someone to be inspired to act.

I remind us that it is only through action that things get better.
Looking for a referral?

Do you know about my list of professional meeting facilitators? I provide it to clients when I’m too busy.

If you are a professional meeting facilitator who would like to be on this list, please let me know.
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