Ideas and tips to get along and get stuff donexxxxxdddxxxxx March 25, 2022
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In this edition are some snippets from our social media channels, a free guide for online events, and two upcoming workshops. We hope you find these helpful for making good group decisions!
Building Bridges and having tough conversations
Recently released and marketed as a personal guide, I Never Thought of it That Way "shows how you can put your natural sense of wonder to work for you..." Asking questions and listening to the responses of people with different perspectives, even in these times of political divide, is critical.

From her website, Reclaim Curiosity: "Mónica Guzmán is a bridge builder, journalist, and entrepreneur who lives for great conversations sparked by curious questions.

She’s director of digital and storytelling at Braver Angels, the nation’s largest cross-partisan grassroots organization working to depolarize America; host of live interview series at Crosscut; and cofounder of the award-winning Seattle newsletter The Evergrey.

Demonstrate Listening

In principle, peace comes through shared understanding, and shared understanding comes through listening. If you hear things incorrectly, or not at all, you’re likely to proceed on false assumptions, which are likely to give way later and cause conflict. The best way to ensure good listening is to demonstrate it.

Practical tip: Are you listening? Prove it. After you have heard someone say something, demonstrate to them that you heard them and understood what they said. Saying “I understand” is not a demonstration.

As you listen, show that you are paying attention with silent expressions and perhaps an encouraging word or two.

HOW-TO GUIDE: Web Events That Connect

Over the past two years we've experienced the added challenges of connecting in a virtual landscape. This free guide offers some insights on how to make communication through these virtual events more effective.

"Judy Rees and Steve McCann have put together a super-simple how-to guide to creating engaging, highly-interactive online experiences."

Finding fact based media
MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2022 AT 5:30 PM

Please join Judy Meyer, editor of the Lewiston Sun Journal, for a unique session on building fact-based journalism.

Healthy people, healthy businesses, healthy governments — healthy communities — are all best informed and engaged by independent community journalists.

Working Constructively with Conflict in Community - Starting March 31st!

This 5-week online course is led by Master Facilitator Laird Schaub, who has been to Maine and worked with my very own Two Echo Cohousing Community. Highly recommended, especially if you are part of a collaborative group.

"Laird’s specialty is up-tempo inclusive meetings that engage the full range of human input, teaching groups to work creatively with conflict and diversity..."
To Help You Get Along
Written and published by Craig Freshley. Thanks for walking along with me.
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