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Talks and Training: Focus for the Fall

I am blessed with more work coming in than I can handle. I turn away a lot. Demand is running high right now.

Yet it’s critical work. It’s helping groups resolve conflicts. It’s helping groups prevent mishaps. It’s helping groups make good decisions about our environment, healthcare, education, and farmland. It’s helping people understand each other and make peace across differences.

So I’ve decided to focus on talks and training for the Fall and Winter of 2022. I want to build capacity in others. The world needs more facilitators to do this critical work. Maine needs more facilitators. More group facilitation skills are not gonna hurt anyone in any.....

Did you know Braver Angels has a Book Club? May 23rd 8:00-9:30pm EDT

Join the discussion with Jay Van Bavel, co-author of The Power of Us

"The Power of Us explores the dynamics of shared, social identities. What causes people to develop social identities? What happens to people when they define themselves in terms of group memberships? Under what conditions does the human proclivity to divide the world into “us” and “them” produce toxic conflict and devastating discrimination? And how can shared identities instead be harnessed to improve performance, increase cooperation, and promote social harmony?"
Jump the Generation Gap!
For this unique Make Shift Coffee House, Craig (an older person) engaged in conversation with Addie Hinds (a younger person) and they invited everyone else, old and young, into the conversation.

Topics included:
  • Why texting is so prevalent with younger people
  • Different attitudes about on-line privacy and corporate trust
  • What younger people think about sustainability

And it was pretty interesting!
Thanks to all who made it happen.
If you missed the live event, view the recording on Craig's Youtube channel here.
Let Go of the Outcome

Here's an older video recorded on site at the Bowdoinham, Maine Municipal Building. In this one Craig encourages peace seekers to show up, pay attention, speak your truth, and let go of the outcome.

Seeking an Operations Manager and Partner

Folks, I’m looking for an Operations Manager who can recruit and manage facilitators/trainers, attract and manage customers, and manage finances, contracting, marketing and other operations.

Just by word of mouth, people come to me daily looking for group facilitation or training. Good Group Decisions is a known brand. Further, there’s growing demand across the country for collaborative decision making and for conversations across divides. If this company had more facilitators/trainers we could help more people make good group decisions and run more Make Shift Coffee Houses, for sure.

I would like someone to handle the operations and management aspects of the business that I’m not so good at. Ideally, I would like someone to invest and be an owner with me and help grow the company. If this is of interest to you, please reach out.

~ Craig
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