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Political Divide. Consensus.

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We get a lot of requests for how to do this or that when it comes to group decisions. We have assembled hundreds of Tips, Videos, and Handouts to help people in groups. All free. Just a click away.

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Next up in the Braver Angels Book Club WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22ND AT 8PM ET

Join the conversation with Bishop Mark Beckwith about how to work through our divisions and build community.

In "Seeing the Unseen: Beyond Prejudices, Paradigms and Party Lines " a bishop and gun safety activist offers a way forward from opposing viewpoints. Instead of dismissing those whose views and experiences that are different from our own, the author argues that we must look directly at them and see the goodness that is inherent in all things.

"From the language we use to the imperative to understand and include, we have a duty to work through opposition and build community."

Credit the Group

Recently in our social media posts, you may have noticed a trend toward sharing credit and collaboration over competition.

"A mark of a high-functioning team is that each member wants to make other members look good."

- Craig Freshley

Bridging Divides with Better Arguments

The Better Arguments Project is a national civic initiative created to help bridge divides – not by papering over those divides but by helping people have Better Arguments. In this sense, arguments don’t have to drive us apart. Better Arguments can bring us together.

In partnership with communities and advisers around the country, we have synthesized three dimensions and five principles of a Better Argument.

What do the High-Functioning Groups Do?

This Good Group Handout highlights why it pays to invest in positive group dynamics, and how to make your group better.

I have a longer version of this handout that I will send you if you like. Just drop me a note.

Free Tips, Videos, and Handouts. Why?

Making decisions in groups is hard. So I have posted a lot of stuff at my website to help. All for free.

I hope you go to my website and I use these resources. And share these resources with others.

The video starts with reasons why people dislike meetings, and then explains that "help is available!"

To Help You Get Along
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