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It's very fun to announce that my new book will be published on September 13, 2022.

Together We Decide
An Essential Guide
for Making Good Group Decisions

You can pre-order the book and check out an Advance Reader's Copy at Gulf of Maine Books on Maine Street in Brunswick.

If that doesn't work for you,
pre-order is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and other retail favorites.

From the back cover: "Freshley’s message is especially pertinent to today’s world: It’s through collaboration, not competition, that groups of the future will create, innovate, and thrive. It is collaboration, not competition, that will save us from extinction."
Jump the Generation Gap! 
Online, Thursday, April 28th, 2022, 7:00pm ET

Please join us for a conversation among older people, younger people, and everyone in between!

Free and open to the public.

Do you find yourself misunderstood by people who aren’t your age?

Is there something about younger people or older people that you just don’t get?

Have you ever been frustrated in a conversation with someone of a different generation?
We will explore how people of different ages hear and see things differently. Addie Hinds (pictured) and Craig Freshley, who range in age from 16-60, will jump into a conversation across the gap during this interactive online event.

Join in with your own questions, challenges, and perspectives based on your own age.

As with all Make Shift Coffee Houses, this will not be a debate. It’s simply about UNDERSTANDING each other’s views.

This Make Shift Coffee House is Hosted by Central Hall Commons in Dover-Foxcroft and Sponsored by Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland and South Portland.
Did you help decide on Together We Decide?
There was a very fun discussion on social media about the book title. And polling on three channels. And even a poll of customers one afternoon by Gary and Beth at Gulf of Maine Books in Brunswick.
My publisher gave me a list of possible titles for this book, the result of a rigorous titling process. They recommended the six titles listed above. Seeking feedback from YOU, I went to social media and asked your opinions.

Your comments were SO helpful, like Sass Linneken's heads up about the cultural appropriation of To go far, go together, and Judy Knauer's, “Togetherness is something our country needs.” And it was super-helpful that so many of you supported the same title. Together We Decide was your clear favorite. No wish-i-washiness. See the tally above.

Honestly, left to my own devices I probably would have chosen a different title. Yet I trusted the wisdom of the group. And the publishers. I hope you like the title. I love it.
And the COVER! Another big and fun decision.
Above are some other book cover designs we considered

In the end (see final design at top of the newsletter) we went with big letters and little silhouettes because the little people work great in groups, they are nondescript, but not entirely.

The "big letters idea" was an aspiration of the designer. "I've been waiting for a title like this!" he was overheard to say in a Zoom call. Haha. Chase Quarterman at Greenleaf Publishing Group. He's terrific.

How often does one get to full-justify a two letter word? Well "we" just did in the final cover design!
Are you a Facilitator?
Do you need a Facilitator?

When I have to say no because I'm too busy, I like to provide clients with a list of other facilitators they might turn to.

If you are a professional facilitator who would like to be added to this list, please write to me. Please include a link to your website where I can send potential clients.

If you would like to see the list, please write to me.

Thank you for being facilitators and for hiring facilitators!
To Help You Get Along
Written and published by Craig Freshley. Thanks for walking along with me.
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