December 22, 2020
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Feedback is a gift
In this video I explain that feedback might be hard to take but the chance to think about the feedback is a gift. The things I get to learn are gifts, whether I think want them or not.

And transcript

"Positive feedback is like rocket fuel.
It propels one forward in the direction already headed."

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Performance Evaluation Handout

Here's a one-page handout I made for training.

No charge. No email. No ads.

This one-pager covers when to give feedback, how to give feedback, and how not to.

It gives four questions to ask in any review session and four steps to follow when critical feedback is called for.

It is based on a philosophy of support.
As a supervisor or colleague you want your subordinate or colleague to succeed.
I think it works well when feedback is provided from that perspective.

A reminder.

You know, the theme of this newsletter --->
To Help You Get Along
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