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Pronouns explained by someone learning
To many people, new pronouns and newly-visible gender identities might be confusing, intimidating, or even alarming. I’m talking about when a person asks be referred to as they. Or someone who looks like a man asks to be referred to as she. Or a feminine-looking person wants to be called a he.
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Sharing Your Pronouns
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Super-Basic Terms

There are lots of terms and definitions out there and for me it was too much to learn it all at once. Here are some basics.

Assigned Sex – An anatomical thing, the description that a doctor assigns to a baby based on their body. Typically referred to as male, female, or intersex.

Gender – What your core spirit feels like. Whether you feel like a man or a woman or something else deep inside. Some people have two spirits, or more, and those deep inside feelings can change from day to day. Typically referred to as man/boy, woman/girl, nonbinary, or queer.

Sexual Orientation – The sex or gender you want to get cuddly with. Typically referred to as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual.

Old Ideals Coming Out

Most Americans, especially older Americans, have a mindset that if a person looks like girl she is a girl and she likes boys. Or if a person looks like a man that means he has male anatomy and that means he should want to date women.

Not true today. Or ever, actually. And as much as I might long for tidy alignment among sex, gender, and attraction. It’s not okay for me to pretend or ignore that a colorful variety of genders and orientations exist today. It’s not okay for me to assume that every person, or any person, is aligned that way.

I’ve found that it works well if I easily allow for anyone I meet, however they look, to align their stuff however they want. It’s a Quaker ideal: listen and act on the light of god within you. And it’s an American ideal: we love our rights to individual freedom and self determination. We pride ourselves as a nation of self-made people!

And did you know that using the pronoun “they” to refer to an individual is not new in the English language? Shakespeare used it that way, for instance.

Four Things I’ve Learned

This is not a whole big explanation of pronouns. There’s a lot to it. I’m simply trying to pass along some basics that I’ve learned only in the last few years. And I’m open to corrections, clarifications, and other views. We’re all just trying to figure this out.

Facilitator Referral List

Last week I announced that I was looking for facilitators that I could refer clients to.

I got a great response and made a list of 16 professional facilitators ready to serve.

If you are a professional facilitator who would like to be added to this list, please write to me. Please include a link to your website where I can send potential clients.

If you would like to see the list, please write to me.

Thank you for being facilitators and for hiring facilitators!
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