January 5, 2021
A few months ago while on sabbatical I asked my daughter Dana a question. “I’m worried about so many things that our government is doing or not doing,” I explained. “What’s the best way to help? How should I make a difference? What should I do?”

I was dreaming about maybe getting a job in Washington, or working for a campaign, or using my skills and experience someplace important. Her answer came back swift and decisive. “Dad. Protest!”

Basically, in other words, go be a body in the street and count for something you believe in.

She explained how it’s well documented that if just 3.5% of any population take to the streets, political change results. More than any other means, this is how to get politicians to actually change policies. This is based on the research of Erica Chenoweth...
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Someone neutral in charge of the process
From the pier of Casco Bay Lines in Portland, Maine I explain the value of separating process from substance, and why it makes sense to put your decision making process in the hands of a neutral party.

I call out what that happens when you don't do this.

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Craig's client highlight of the week
CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange)

Starting today, each week I'm going to feature one of my clients; give you a peek into my work world.

I'm starting with my best client of all time, the organization who has hired me more than any other over the past 15 years. They are one of the world's largest facilitators of international educational exchanges, headquartered in Portland, Maine. They bring thousands of high school age students to United States as "foreign exchange students" to live with American families, among many other programs they run.
Well, they used to. International exchanges have come to a screeching halt. Sadly, CIEE recently laid off hundreds of workers.

Mostly I facilitated week-long retreats of regional directors who would come together from all over the country to debrief the previous year and look ahead to the next. I also provided staff training on conflict resolution, leadership, and other topics in their corporate training rooms (photo below is their office building next to the Customs House) but also in Hawaii, Santa Fe, and other places. I took the above photo from an upstairs window. It was their idea to pose in the shape of a peace sign.
One thing I have always loved about working with CIEE staff is the ethic that each of them bring about cultural curiosity. These are people who believe in the value of getting to know each other across cultures. They believe it is a path to world peace.

I'm sorry that you have been shut down due to coronavirus, CIEE. The world misses you!

Links from Last Time

The December 29 Craig's Weekly was all about performance measures. Here are some follow up links that I neglected to provide last week or that have come to light since.

Measures of Growth - Here's the latest edition (published last month) of the annual report that I referenced, the one I used to work on.

Measure to Manage - Here's a one-page tip I wrote. Download the PDF if you want. Here -->

Why Governments Should Prioritize Well-being - A TED Talk by Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in which she challenges the acceptance of GDP as the ultimate measure of a country's success.
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