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Strategic Planning Basics
Strategic planning means different things to different people. There are some very specific ways of doing it and some very specific formats. Yet let’s simply it. I figure that if you have something written down that has these three qualities, you can call it a strategic plan.

First, it’s a long term plan. A strategic plan is more than just the annual work plan, or the annual budget. It’s usually longer than a year. Two years, ten years, twenty years, it’s a longer range plan than is made on a day-to-day, month-to-month basis.

Secondly, it’s comprehensive. It covers all the different aspects of the organization. Not just the programs that you’re going to run, but also the administrative institutional stuff like board development if you have a board, staff development if you have staff. It also includes the financial plans for capital improvements. If you’re a non-profit,---....See More
Keep your strategic plan off the shelf
In this video I explain how to keep your strategic plan relevant, how to keep it alive, how to keep it off the shelf.

I made this video at Laudholm Farm in Wells, Maine and explain a little about the place. I also tell a short story of some inspiration I got there many years ago.

And transcript
Discussion Guides for
Communicating Across Cultures
In the fall of 2019, a team of Howard University researchers hosted 18 small-group forums. Strangers of all ages, ethnicities and geographic origins sat down, and broke bread across the table in small groups. They listened to live music. They created a safe space to share their cultures, their feelings about their neighborhoods, and to brainstorm how they could better hear each other.

The project resulted in free videos and discussion materials that allow other groups to host their own forums, and continue the conversation about neighborhood history, identity and how technology is altering the social glue in communities. Discussion Guide 1 sets the framework for conversations about neighborhood history and identity. Discussion Guide 2 helps groups discuss how technology is changing what it means to be a neighbor.

This workshop is all about conflict prevention, management, and resolution.

We will discuss root causes and practical tips for handling conflict at each stage. We will discuss key conditions for conflict resolution. We will discuss the role of a mediator. And we will discuss the meaning of consensus, why it gets a bad rap, and how to achieve it.

Strategic Quitting

Yup, it's a thing. And it's under-rated.

"Succeed at all cost" and "win no matter what" are things too, but those are over-rated.

Want to see why strategic quitting is
often the very best decision?

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