December 1, 2020
Talk or Text
Older people like phone calls and younger people don’t. In general. Maybe the line is around 40 give or take a few years.

It’s well documented that millennials (age 25–40 or so) think phone calls are inefficient. The younger you are, the more you think phone calls are dumb. If you have a question for someone you bang out a text message - sent - done. Probably the answer comes back in seconds. How easy was that? Phone calls are so tedious and a waste of time.

“And if you want to talk on the phone with me,” the under-40 is thinking, “schedule it. Calling someone without warning is so rude.” The idea is that a text or email allows the recipient to respond at their convenience. A phone call is an instant demand for attention.
A phone call is an instant show of respect, thinks the over-40. I want to focus exclusively on you. And if I miss you I will leave a message and you will call me back; another show of respect. Without even talking yet, we are building a trust relationship! And when we do talk I will get my questions answered, get more questions answered instantly, and clarify anything I’m unsure of. Doing business in real time is so efficient.

Here’s the problem: when one generation puts expectations on another that they didn’t volunteer for or consent to. What seems respectful and efficient to one person is not the same for all people. And different communication styles are more pronounced now than ever before in human history. This is because some of us grew up with texting and some of us didn’t.
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Here's a video I made last year at North Station in Boston.

It's the story of Zushya and the question that he fears God will ask him.

This video is just 1.5 minutes.
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The Reunited States
Film Screening a Success

Just letting you know that we had over 400 people sign up for our Film Screening and Discussion last week.

It was really great to hear directly from the Film Director Ben Rekhi and Portland, Maine Mayor Kate Snyder. Thanks for joining everyone! Sorry we couldn't get to all your questions!
To Help You Get Along
Written and published by Craig Freshley. Thanks for walking along with me.
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