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Honey Sale!
Sweet Mercy Honey
is now available for sale!
While supplies last get local honey farmed and harvested here on our property.

For sale throughout October. 

Visit Our Farm Table at Cranaleith
Every Saturday in October, 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon

Pre-order for Curbside Pickup
Pick-up Times: Mondays, 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon

An Opportunity to Deepen Your Commitment to Anti-Racism
The Fierce Urgency of Now: A Virtual Retreat with Rev. Ada Renee Williams
Saturday, October 17, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

This day is designed to draw us deeper into the spiritual conversion essential to the hard work of anti-racism. Join us to begin to be individually and collectively be transformed! An interactive live program presented in a supportive environment.

Having trouble imagining what it’s like to experience a retreat online?
Bernadette Rudolph, program director at Cranaleith, describes what it’s like to join a retreat or program virtually online whether it is for an hour or a full day. Anything that can be done in person can be done in a virtual setting.
Reflect From Home
Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle A Isaiah 25:6-10a; Philippians 4:12-14. 19-20; and Matthew 22:1-14

Not receiving many invitations these days, huh? Only immediate family members can attend weddings, baptisms and graduations. Many people are cutting back on visits. Staff meetings, classes and business meetings, conferences, sporting events and carnivals, all curtailed. Besides pandemic concerns, fires, hurricanes and protests keep us apart. With all the turmoil, we aren’t in the mood to party anyway. Read more

  • What have you been struggling with that you have not brought to prayer? Hear God’s promise to protect you and dump it roundly in God’s lap.
  • Which of God’s five promises appeals most to you? How can you embody it for someone else?

Living Mercy Everyday

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Spiritual Direction
We are still offering Spiritual Direction via phone and teleconferencing. Contact Cathy Maguire, RSM at cmaguire@cranaleith.org or 215-858-6239. Psychotherapy is also available. Please contact Leslie Porreca, RSM, LCSW. 

Individual Retreats Available -- both online and onsite options! Call Maria DiBello, RSM, at 215-934-6206 or visit our website www.cranaleith.org/retreats to learn more.

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Employment Opportunity
Office Associate

In this role, the individual will bring his or her organizational prowess, expert attention to detail, service orientation and highly motivated drive to provide high-quality administration and clerical assistance to the organization’s administrative leadership and patrons.
Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, Cranaleith offers a contemplative space for all those seeking wholeness and transformation for themselves and society. We are committed to making Cranaleith accessible to all, especially to persons who are poor and those who work in solidarity with them. We invite those at the center of need and those at the center of influence to reflection, reverent dialogue and meaningful partnerships. Please help us support our work.
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