From the Executive Director: Charlene Flaherty

With winter passing and the dawn of Spring, I have become increasingly aware of the need to tend and cultivate. As any good gardener knows, when we fail to plant, water and weed, nature has a way of following its own course. A different but also compelling example is the need to attend to our homes and investments. If we fail to maintain these fruits of our labor, they may be squandered.
Cranaleith Launches Brand New Website!

After months of hard work and dedication from our staff, we are excited to debut our
new website  From compelling imagery to color scheme to typeface, this  beautifully  designed site highlights Cranaleith's natural beauty and mission of healing and transformation. Visitors can enjoy a more user- friendly experience while learning about our extensive selection of retreats, programs and services.  Read more

Best Selling Author Alice McDermott to Visit Cranaleith

Join us for an afternoon with award-winning author Alice McDermott on Sunday, June 2, 1-4 p.m.  Alice will discuss her latest novel, The Ninth Hour, and share her views on being a writer and a Catholic woman in today's society. 

Alice McDermott's  fiction explores the intersecting stories of familial love, Irish-American culture and assimilation, and the hard-wrought lessons of adulthood. Her work pulls on the delicate threads of fear and vulnerability, joy and passion, and the capacity for love and pain and grief.

McDermott is a professor at Johns Hopkins University, a winner of the National Book Award and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. In her book,  The Ninth Hour, a young mother struggles with Catholic forgiveness and shame in the wake of her husband's violent suicide in early 20th-century Brooklyn.

An Afternoon with Alice McDermott
Sunday, June 2, 2019, 1-4 p.m.
Cost: $35. Includes a hard-copy of The Ninth Hour and a reception with the author.

Introducing New Program Director,
Kathleen McCauley

We are pleased to welcome new Program Director, Kathleen McCauley to the Cranaleith family.

Trained in the areas of pastoral ministry, clinical pastoral work and spiritual direction, Kathleen has developed and facilitated retreats for churches, groups and individuals. She has extensive experience in 12 Step Spirituality, as well as in personal and career discernment. 

From Our Kitchen: Carrot Ginger Soup

If you've visited Cranaleith, you know that soups are a mainstay of many of our garden-to-table meals. As winter fades away, we find ourselves craving lighter, fresher flavors. This vibrant soup is sure to wake your senses to the coming of Spring. 
Read more

Welcoming New Board Members 

We are pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to our Board of Directors.
Dr. Maureen O'Connell is Chair the Department of Religion and Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at La Salle University. Stephen G. Hart is Vice President of Human Resources and Human Capital Development at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. Read more

Upcoming Programs and Retreats
Sat., March 23, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Sat. April 13, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.


The questions that can lead us are already alive in our midst,
waiting to be summoned and made real. It is a joy to name them.
It is a gift to plant them in our senses, our bodies, the places we inhabit,
the part of the world we can see and touch and help to heal.
It is a privilege to hold something robust and resilient called hope,
which has the power to shift the world on its axis. --Krista Tippett


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Cranaleith Spiritual Center | 13475 Proctor Road | Philadelphia, PA 19116 
Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, Cranaleith Spiritual Center offers a contemplative space for all those seeking wholeness and  transformation for themselves and society. We are committed to making Cranaleith accessible to all, especially to persons who  are poor and those who work in solidarity with them.We seek to invite those at the center of need and those at the center of  influence to reflection, reverent dialogue and meaningful partnerships.
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