“When I was boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You always find people who are helping.’”
Fred Rodgers

Dear Friends of Cranaleith,

Lent began yesterday with its usual call to repentance. While this term can conjure up a lot of gloom and doom, it really is an invitation to look at things differently, i.e. as God does. Do we see ourselves as highly favored daughters and sons of God? Do we see everyone else as children of God, just as highly favored? If some guilt arises as we ponder those questions, it can be a helpful step toward forgiveness and renewed relationships.

A Lenten shift in perspective also means looking for the good, even as difficult, terrifying or out-right wicked things engulf us. The Holy Spirit is always catching us on her wings and lifting us up. God is always doing something new; do we not perceive it? 

Each of our Lenten programs offers a shift in perspective, a way to repent and believe in the Good News. Enter into this new way of looking with us! And always know we hold you and all that God is calling you to prayer.

The Cranaleith Staff
“The Holy Spirit does not fly backwards.”
Brother Mickey McGrath OSFS

All retreats are offered virtually on Zoom. Scholarships are available because everyone is welcome at Cranaleith. Please email info@cranaleith.org so we can assist you.
Listen to a migrant from Syria tell his story. Hold his words in your hearts. Encounter a new perspective.

In his recent encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis invites us to explore the critical questions of “Who is my neighbor?” and “How do we respond to them in the context of our time?” Join us as we approach these questions with open hearts and minds. During this morning of reflection, Maureen and Ella will outline the issues from a Catholic perspective, challenging us to come up with ways to change the dynamic and rhetoric swirling around the issue of forced migration. We will also welcome a special guest speaker, who will share his experience as a migrant from Syria.
Join Cranaleith Spiritual Center Program Director Bernadette Rudolph as she explores the lives of four Old Testament figures: Ruth, Tobit, Judith and Jonah. Each morning of reflection is self-contained. Come for one or more! Together, we will reflect on how each story speaks to our own experiences with adversity.

Tip: Gather your Bible study or book club and participate in this series together!
Not all revelation comes with light. In nature, most growth takes place within darkness. Unfortunately, as humans, we often demonize darkness and often do our best to avoid it. Together, we will explore the many treasures that come from the times we have experienced darkness and the riches that are often hidden in Holy Mystery.
Do you want to use your gifts of compassion and empathy to help others? Do you work in solidarity with those on the margins of society? Do you have a heart for social justice? You may be called to become a spiritual director! Join the coordinating team for the Spiritual Direction Formation Program at Cranaleith Spiritual Center for an afternoon of discernment and conversation. 
Sing from Home:
"Webale (Thank You)"
Watoto Children's Choir
"Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child"
Performed by Odette
By Tom Conroy
Art at Home:
From the Archangel Gabriel as a pillar of light to the blanket on Mary's bed, learn more about the details in Henry Ossawa Tanner's iconic painting, The Annunciation, (1898).
Reflect from Home
First Sunday of Lent: Genesis 9:8-15 and
Mark 1:12-15

What in the world could we think about for forty days?  Recall that this desert time follows Jesus’ baptism where he experienced the sky opening, the Spirit descending and the voice declaring, “You are my beloved child; with you I am well pleased.”  Every human being, including Jesus, needs endless time with that truth... Read more.

Remind yourself throughout the day that you are God’s child and God is well pleased with you – and that the same can be said about people who bother you. What impact do these reminders have?

What angels has God sent you so far this Lent? 

Listen here to the podcast.

The pandemic has brought profound sorrow to so many families unable to grieve a loved one, because they cannot gather together for prayer and story-telling. To help, Cranaleith has composed a virtual memorial service for family members and friends who wish to remember an individual who has died.  

The service includes readings, prayers, music and the opportunity for sharing about the person who has died.  Download a copy of the service and host it yourself on your preferred tele-conferencing app (like Zoom, Teams or Skype). Someone in your circle of family and friends can lead the simple service.
Reverence the memories and blessings you share, as you comfort one another. 
Which Cranaleith program has had the most significant impact on your spiritual life?

What does Cranaleith mean to you?

What do you want others to know about Cranaleith?

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Do you need a Lenten getaway?
Do you miss Cranaleith’s beauty?
Have you spent quiet time with God lately?
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Spiritual Direction
We are still offering Spiritual Direction via phone and teleconferencing. Contact Cathy Maguire, RSM at cmaguire@cranaleith.org or 215-858-6239. 
Psychotherapy is also available. Please contact Leslie Porreca, RSM, LCSW. 

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