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What struck me most was the silence. It was a great silence,
unlike any I have ever encountered on Earth,
so vast and deep that I began to hear my own body...
There were more stars in the sky than I expected.
The sky was deep black, yet at the same time bright with sunlight.
The Earth was small, light blue, and so touchingly alone…
our home that must be defended like a holy relic. 
-Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov
Dear Friends,

These summer weeks have found us exploding with joy, not only with the fireworks of July 4, but with the sudden release from the confinement of COVID-19. We could taste again the comfort of embrace, the exuberance of song, the beauty of smiling faces. We could feast on the presence of one another. 
And yet, within our spontaneous expressions of wonder and delight, the deeper wisdom nurtured in the months of isolation broke through. The pandemic taught us that the world was small. That we were profoundly interconnected. That life was fragile and precious. We realized that countless brothers and sisters throughout earth have no access to the vaccine that freed us. We remembered that the wounds of inequity and racism that ravaged so many lives could no longer be masked. The very planet whose well-being is woven in our own continues to languish, even as it overflows for us in abundance.   
These have been days of anguish for the loved ones of those buried under the collapsed building in Florida. Once again, we know ourselves one with the pain of loss. In the same way, we discover ourselves in the unyielding sacrifice of the first responders. Something in us recognizes “this is who we are called to be for one another.” We are in the image of a God Whose life is poured out in love for each of us. 
Here at Cranaleith, we are thrilled to welcome you back to rest in that love. To savor the beauty that restores us and reveals us to ourselves. To listen deeply to our belonging to one another and to God’s wondrous creation.
The Cranaleith Staff
“The body of Christ, the body of hope, the Mercy: they are all one and the same thing. 
 They are the unknown heart of God flung outward into accessible form
so that nothing contained within that great outpouring can ever be lost or disappear—
no idea, no possibility, no creature, no loved one.  Nothing is ever lost.”
-Cynthia Bourgeault
Scholarships are available because everyone is welcome at Cranaleith. Please email info@cranaleith.org so we can assist you.
Countless visitors to Cranaleith talk about how it has opened them up to peace, healing and God –and how much they have missed Cranaleith during the pandemic. This program is an opportunity for friends of Cranaleith to come onsite and enjoy the beauty of Cranaleith that touches the soul.
This experiential workshop will instruct and engage participants in Zen meditation as a contemplative prayer form that helps you open to God’s presence here and now, beyond words and concepts. Zen practice will be presented as a way to love God with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength by helping you develop the discipline to show up each day to spend quality time with God, undistracted by thoughts, concepts, theories, images, and daydreams.
Is there someone you want to introduce to Cranaleith? This is the ideal program for those who don't have much experience with a spiritual center or a retreat! Try a labyrinth walk, pray the Stations of the Cross and enjoy reflective conversations. Bring yourself, just as you are, and let God’s mercy be a balm for whatever wearies you.
Volunteer Opportunity!
Would you like to spend time in a place of beauty and peace while giving back to the community? Join the Cranaleith Spiritual Gardeners!

We're looking for early birds who can help us keep Cranaleith looking its best on select Tuesdays this summer. Come and spend quiet time tending the earth while you cultivate peace in your own heart.
Listen from Home
"Earth Rise"
By Vitaliy Zavadskyy
"Unity Medley"
By Boston University's Inner Strength Gospel Choir
"Hymn to the Great Song"
with Br. David Steindl-Rast
Take a Virtual Pilgrimage to New Mexico with
Br. Mickey McGrath!
Your spirit will be refreshed at the holy sites and mission churches of Chimayo and Santa Fe. Through Brother Mickey’s own artwork, you will visit with the great American artist, Georgia O’Keefe, at her home in Abiquiu and with the monks of the Christ in the Desert Monastery. Join us and rediscover the beauty that inspired the desert fathers and mothers of the ancient Church.
August 4, 2021
Poetry from Home
How to Create a Sacred Space at Home
"In her creative way, the Spirit has reminded us that our homes are sacred. She invites us to be more deliberate about these stay-at-home connection points."

Find out how to create your own sacred space at home in our latest blog post by Program Director, Bernadette Rudolph! Read on... 
Reflect from Home
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Amos 7:12-15; Ephesians 1:3-14; and Mark 6:7-13
The book [Caste by Isabel Wilkerson] is hard to read, in part because it reveals my own complicity, me, liberal, Catholic, righteous me! Awareness is an important first step, but where it will lead and how much I am willing to change are yet to be determined. In all honesty, I am comfortable and do not want to change.

I feel the same way about the first reading and gospel this week. They challenge us all to make radical changes and to preach those changes to others. For a second week in a row, we are called to become prophets and missionaries… Who wants such a life?
Read more or listen to the podcast.
From goodnews4you.net by Bernadette Rudolph
Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, Cranaleith offers a contemplative space for all those seeking wholeness and transformation for themselves and society. We are committed to making Cranaleith accessible to all, especially to persons who are poor and those who work in solidarity with them. We invite those at the center of need and those at the center of influence to reflection, reverent dialogue and meaningful partnerships. Please help us support our work.
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