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Cranbrook Institute of Science June 2017
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Science + Technology + Engineering + Math = CAMP
Give your student the chance to be immersed in Computer Aided Design, Science, Engineering, and Math this summer, during the Institute's new STEM Camp June 26-30. Professional staff from Cranbrook Institute of Science and DASI Solutions will teach your student all about STEM through real-world experiments and challenges. Explore this and other camps at Cranbrook Institute of Science.
Look Out! It's Asteroid Day
Photo: Jeff Scovil.
Cranbrook Institute of Science will celebrate Asteroid Day with lectures, activities and the chance to examine real meteorites and asteroid impact glass on June 30 and July 1. This global movement established to heighten awareness of the potential threat to humanity posed by asteroid impacts is an excellent opportunity to learn about the effects asteroids have had on our planet in the past and the threat they could post to its future. Free with admission.
Discover the Creatures of the Night
Friday Night Bat Walks led by the Organization for Bat Conservation are offered every Friday evening from June 16 through September 1. Visitors will walk the campus in search of bats, explore bat habitats, and learn how and where to install a bat house in their own yards.
Book a Summer Group Tour at the Institute
Summer Group Programs offer discounted admission and the opportunity to add up to four special programs for a full day of science exploration. Programs begin June 19 and include either planetarium or Insect Inspector programs.
Something New Every Week in the Discovery Center
The Family Discovery Center at Cranbrook Institute of Science offers new special topic each week. Designed to encourage learning through adult-child interaction using hands on activities, the Discovery Center offers the chance to explore a favorite scientific topic and learn about the world around us. This program is free with admission every Sunday.
The Annual Fund Makes Science Possible
As we close our fiscal year, we'd like to thank our members and donors who give to the Institute's Annual Fund. Your generosity fuels our success in helping to create a scientifically literate public. If you have not given, we hope you will consider doing so by June 30. Your gifts help keep science alive in our region. Thank you!