May 2015                                                                                                                                                     Issue 11
CTSRC Crash News
The Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center and Department of Transportation would like to thank and acknowledge the Connecticut State Police as well as the Norwich , Meriden and Vernon Police Departments for their outstanding support in the effort to fully institute the MMUCC PR-1. The new PR-1 report was introduced in late 2014 through a series of training classes, several of which were taught by police officers. Officers from these departments were allowed to assist in the training of their fellow departments. Thank you for your support and dedication to this effort.

Is someone in your department, or is your department as a whole going above and beyond the call of duty? Let us know and be featured in our next newsletter.
Overnight Collisions
Through the collection of data, one town in Connecticut noticed a large number of overnight collisions at a 4-way intersection that was controlled by a traffic control signal. Each night at 10:00pm the signal would automatically turn to a flashing cycle with the east/westbound traffic showing flashing yellow  and north/southbound traffic showing flashing red. After reviewing data regarding traffic volume and collisions, it was suggested that the traffic control signal be operated at all times of day and night. The Town contacted the DOT and the change was made. Since then, there has been a dramatic decrease in overnight collisions within this intersection. 
Congratulations Officer Kevin Naranjo of the Southington Police Department for being the first to correctly answer and submit last month's Quick Quiz! Officer Naranjo won  Magellan eXplorist GC GPS locator tool for his department. Don't forget to check out this month's Quick Quiz  to win a Galls StreetPro Adjustable Citation Holder and a Galls Car Seat Organizer.

Think you know the answer to last month's quiz?

April Question: Is there an easy way to utilize a drawing program while in a cruiser working on an MDT?

Officer Naranjo  correctly answered: "Yes, Easy Street can save your drawings on a desktop in the MDT and also to a server through the MDT. It can then be incorporated into the PR-1."
This month we will be reviewing Sequence of Events and Most Harmful Event.

What is a sequence of events?
The sequence of events boxes are used to describe what occurred during the crash. In order to account for the complex scenarios, you may enter up to four events per vehicle.

What is a "most harmful" event?
The most harmful even is the first injury or damage-producing event that occurred in the sequence.

Training Assistance

The POST certified training staff from UConn would be happy to work with any department to enhance training for officers. Trainers are available for a variety of training, including full classes and Roll Call training.
QuizQuick Quiz
Each month we will feature a quick one-question quiz. The first person to correctly answer the question and email us with their response will win a prize. This month, be the first person to answer our quiz and win a Galls StreetPro Adjustable Citation Holder and a Galls Car Seat Organizer.  May Quiz Question :

Q: :Name at least two elements that are required to document a collision as "commercial vehicle".
Upcoming Events
We will be conducting additional training on the MMUCC PR-1 over the next several months.  This section will highlight the date, time and location of each session for you to register.

To request information for a session, or if your department wishes to host a training session, please email  Chuck Grasso.
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