What's happening next at the Osterville Village Library?
Happy New Year from the OVL!

We thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this year, as we have tried our best to continue to serve you and provide you with a welcoming, and more importantly safe, environment. We're looking forward to spending 2021 together.

Also, look for exciting news and changes coming to the library in 2021!
Create a 2021 Vision Board
While we've made the most of this year, we're all hoping for a better 2021.

Do you have a vision for how you'd like the year to go or a set of goals you want to put down on paper? Stop by the library and take home the materials to create a vision board for the coming year, whether your goals are health, school, sports, travel, or something else!
Pâte à Choux (Cream Puffs) by Amie Bakery
In this video, watch and learn how to make pâte à choux (cream puffs) with Amie Bakery!

Learn more about Amie Bakery at their website.
Take a Google Tour of the OVL
If you've been staying home during the pandemic and are missing us, take this virtual tour of the library and see what's changed! Thank you to Ben Mauldin,
a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, for making it happen.
Diversify Your Reading
Diversity is reality. Each of the 7.6 million people on this planet have a story. Every story is different, and each story is just as important as the next. Join the Osterville Village Library as we celebrate, and make an effort to better understand the concept of diversity in the new year with our “Diversity is Reality” participatory events.

Adults can take part in our year-long online Beanstack reading challenge: "Diversify Your Reading." Read stories from an array of diverse authors, cultures and topics. Log your reading, and complete activities to earn badges along the way. Sign up for Beanstack here.

For young minds eager to explore, we will also have a display up in the children's room all year: “Reading is a Window to Your World,” featuring multicultural books and materials for children age Pre-K–6th grade for patrons to explore with their kids.
DVD Binge Bundles
Check out our new display of Binge Bundles! Each bundle includes three movies of a certain theme (action, war, 80's, etc.)--including staff favorites! Bundles also come with a packet of microwave popcorn.
Take a Tour of Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu is a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled between the Andes and the Amazon Basin. This grand complex of around 200 structures was thought to have been built during the height of the Inca Empire, which ended in the 1500s.

But you don’t have to book a trip to Peru just to see Machu Picchu. With a virtual tour offering 360-degree views of the stunning landscape and a helpful narrator sharing the history behind it, you’ll feel like you’re touring the grounds yourself! Click here to get started.
Visit the Georgia Aquarium
Take a trip under the sea at the Georgia Aquarium, which shows live streams of an array of creatures, from sea otters to jellyfish to beluga whales. Click here to get started.
Goal Setting 101 on Udemy
Now is the time of year to reflect and set goals for the future! If you're looking to improve your own goal setting and achieving skills, this is the course for you--no tools or previous experience is necessary for this highly rated free course. You'll learn valuable tips for improving your goals and your life.

All you need is an Osterville CLAMS card. Click here for the course, or click here to learn more about Udemy.
Learn Piano on Udemy at OVL
Want to learn a new skill in 2021? How about piano? This free Udemy course has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating with more than 35,303 ratings. You don't need any prior knowledge or experience, and this course will take brand new beginners to an intermediate level in a short space of time. Pianoforall works equally well on a piano or a keyboard. And you only need to practice 20 minutes a day to make rapid progress!

All you need is an Osterville CLAMS card. Click here for the course, or click here to learn more about Udemy.

You can also check out a keyboard from our library of things.
Finger Plays with Wendy!
Need a distraction for the kids while waiting in line? Want to add some fun to your bedtime routine? Or just want some extra playtime with your baby?

Try out one of these finger plays, shown here by the OVL's Wendy. Engaging with your child by using finger plays, songs, and action rhyme encourages bonding and also helps to develop fine/gross motor skills, coordination, listening, and memory skills. And it helps if they just need to get the wiggles out, too!
Jr. Tech STEM Workshops
*Registration required*

Make Art and Storytelling Come Alive with Scratch
Do you enjoy the arts? Do you enjoy writing or storyboarding? Are you interested in creating art? If so, this two-day workshop is for you! Get creative by writing a short story and then animate it using Scratch. You will start by learning to create your own art with basic vector software. Then, you will animate it yourself in Scratch and build it into your own digital story.

  • Date: Two Saturdays, January 23 and January 30, 2021
  • Times: 9 AM-3 PM
  • Grades: 6-8

Game Development in Scratch
Games are a fun pastime, but can also be useful as a tool for learning new skills. Through the process of coding games, we also can practice creative problem solving when making our own games, whether they are ismple quiz games or more complex platformers. In this workshop, blend game design and coding skills using Scratch to make your own educational game!

  • Date: February 6, 2021
  • Time: 9 AM-3 PM
  • Grades: 5-6

Escape Room Design
Solving puzzles can be a satisfying experience, but so can making your own! In this workshop, you will learn the basics of creating code and digital art to make your own Digital Escape Room using Scratch, similar to escape rooms you might visit in real life. This workshop will help you think about how to create an immersive audience experience through your use of puzzles, imagery, and association skills.

  • Dates: Tuesday through Friday, February 16-19, 2021
  • Times: 9 AM-3 PM
  • Grades: 6-7

Note: These are all in-person STEM workshops. The curriculum is developed to offer online via Zoom, if necessary.
New Feature: Contactless Check Out
Did you know you can check your items out using your smart phone? This cool, new feature is simple and convenient--and all you need is the CLAMS app. It's a great way to help you get your books and DVDs safely and efficiently.

Watch the narrated video above to learn more!
Fun and Learning for the Family
Links of Interest, Updated Bi-Monthly

Need to talk? Samaritans are available to listen. During this unprecedented time, it can feel overwhelming to receive constant messages about COVID-19. Please know that we are here for you. Call or text our 24/7 helpline any time at 877-870-4673.

Osterville restaurants open for take-out: 

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Outside Storytime at OVL (BYOB*)
*bring your own blanket!

Wednesdays with Wendy

10 AM for kids under 5
2 PM for kids over 5

But all are welcome!
Upcoming Blood Drives at the OVL
*Registration required*
Monday, January 4
Tuesday, January 5
Thursday, January 28
Friday, January 29
Wednesday, February 3
Thursday, February 4

Check the Red Cross website for times and appointments.
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The 2020 Experience Osterville Guide is in digital form

Read about Ned Crosby, Growing up Diggs, the Foxhole, and Armstrong-Kelley Park to name a few of the articles in the 2020 edition.

The print version is also available at the library.

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