Unlocking Data Value

In sustainability circles, 'tis the season to report. Every day sustainability reports are being published highlighting the great progress that the field is making in environmental impact reduction. For some, however, the publishing of a report is the last chapter, the end of the road...at least until next year's reporting season. And while you may be looking forward to this collecting-and-reporting hiatus of sorts, you might want to consider the value beyond reporting the environmental data that you've spent that last months collecting.


Optimizing the Data


webinarWe teamed up with some of our partners, including Coty, Accor and Mondelez, to present a webinar that provides concrete examples of how companies are indeed unlocking the power of their data. To learn how these and other leaders strengthened their environmental programs, listen to the webinar, "Leveraging Sustainability Data to Create Value Beyond Reporting", hosted by GreenBiz on May 12th.


While there are many different paths to unlock the value of your data, we focused on four major areas: Strategy & Materiality, Supply Chain Management, Communications, and Internal Engagement.

strategyGetting Things Done

Accor is a good example of how to get things done. By identifying relevant hotspots, they were able to set robust and transparent targets taking them from footprint to action. In the last 18 months, Quantis collaborated with Accor on projects that addressed water risk assessment, supply chain engagement, eco-design and innovation as well as B2B sales support and internal engagement. Take a tour of the process in the webinar with Arnaud Herrmann, Groupe Accor VP, Sustainable Development as your guide.

InternalCreating Internal Value for Sustainability

Coty also looked to Quantis to help them increase internal engagement for their sustainability initiatives.  Nathalie Perroquin, Coty, Inc. VP, Corporate Sustainability , chose to use Quantis' Life Cycle Perception game to outline their goals. First, we used the LCP game to survey consumer focus groups on select products and then the business game was played with cross-functional internal teams to increase understanding about environmental impacts and to improve overall support for sustainability initiatives. Listen to the webinar to learn how Nathalie is leading the change at Coty.

To learn more about how you can begin to create value from your environmental metrics, contact Quantis for a complimentary assessment.

Life Cycle Assessment
LCTSystemic, Life Cycle Thinking for Strategy Building

Sustainability has reached a level of systemic integration. Companies that take this perspective reach their sustainability goals efficiently and with benefits that reach far beyond the sustainability silo. 

Quantis' reputation for being the global experts in life cycle assessment is based on our solid scientific background but also thanks to our unique approach: we bring a new perspective to our partners as they look at applying sustainability initiatives to reflect a more integrated, systemic or life cycle thinking (LCT) perspective.

LCT takes a holistic view of 
the production and consumption of a product or service and assesses its impacts on the environment throughout the entire life cycle.  At each life cycle stage, there is resource and energy consumption as well as pollution to the natural environment that creates impacts from cradle to grave

The benefit of using an LCT approach means that negative impacts are minimized while avoiding the transfer of these impacts from one life cycle stage to another. When applied to product design, production processes and a decision-making aid, LCT is a beneficial strategy for crafting and implementing successful sustainability strategies.

To learn how applying LCT will strengthen your sustainability strategy, contact us.
Meet up with Quantis on the event circuit

Sustainable Brands
June 1-4, 2015, San Diego, US
Take an in-depth look at how innovative brands are tackling sustainability
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Global Sustainability Summit
Aug 19-21, 2015, Denver, US
The annual event that brings together food and beverage stakeholders.

Aug 30 - Sept 2, 2015, Bordeaux, France
Mainstreaming life cycle management for sustainable value creation
Water Footprint Training: 
From Assessment to Strategy
Get up to speed on the latest water-related methodologies and strategies from our team of globally recognized water experts. During the one-day workshop, participants will explore the latest tools and technologies and discuss how to apply the results and use them to build a water strategy roadmap. Upcoming dates are:

June 16 - Paris, France (Special ISO14046)
June 16 - Lausanne, Switzerland
September 22 - Lausanne, Switzerland

For more information, to register, or to request a water workshop near you, please contact us at [email protected].

EPDCement EPD Tool: An Industry Specific Example to Follow

Industry specific initiatives are on the rise. Accessibility and ease-of-use is key to any successful sector-wide project. The cement industry provides a good example of how coordination can improve program deployment and ultimately the environmental performance of organizations. 


The Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) commissioned Quantis to develop a user-friendly online tool for the preparation of the implementation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) of concrete and cement. Having a web-based tool will facilitate the process and reduce the costs of preparing cement and concrete EDPs. The CSI tool was the first officially pre-verified EPD tool as part of the International EPD? System.


"The CSI is supporting the publication of EPDs by member companies 

as a way to stimulate and improve the environmental performance 

of cement and concrete at company level but also globally."  

- Philippe Fonta, Managing Director, Cement Sustainability Initiative


The CSI, part of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD), is a global effort of 25 leading cement producers with operations in more than 100 countries. Collectively, these companies account for around 30% of the world's cement production and range in size from large multinationals to smaller local producers.


To date, the CSI remains one of the largest global sustainability programs ever undertaken by a single industry sector.


To learn more about the tool, read the case study or contact Arnaud Dauriat, Quantis Lausanne Managing Director.

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