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With the school's breaking up for the summer and holidays looming in our minds, I thought I'd share with you  SUMMER INSPIRATION that will brighten your home.

Over the summer I'll be giving you short and simple interior design projects that will help bring the sunshine into your home.

I've designed each project to be simple to understand and quick to implement so that you can see a difference and appreciate the benefits instantly.

I don't want you to feel overwhelmed with interior design and all of it's complexities. I want to help you start relaxing and enjoying your home with family and friends.

That's why I've been working hard to fashion my exciting new workshops to take the complexity out of interior design, so that you can have a healthy home without the hassle.

I want you to have:
- space to relax and unwind giving you the clarity of thought
- sense of calm and peacefulness giving you time to think
- time to go out with friends creating  memories to cherish 

The summer project I'd like to share with you today is

You probably know that I love to exercise. It's been ingrained in me since I was young. As soon as I could walk, my father would take me and my sisters on a Sunday stroll. From there I began to twirl and spring into ballet, which progressed into Aerobics with leggings, leotards and sweat pants. I thought I looked gorgeous.

Today I still love to go for a walk or rock a bit of Lycra at the gym!

We're constantly made aware of how to keep physically fit and mentally healthy but, how do we create a home that nurtures and supports us in this quest?


These three elements are connected together... if your home feels stagnant then it can put a slump in your energy levels and cloud your mind. 

So, how do we create a fit & healthy home?


Having quality air to breathe is one of the most important considerations when creating a fit & healthy home, and it's often overlooked.

If your home has stagnant air then it can lead to physical symptoms and mental illness ranging from a consistent headache, to lethargy and tiredness, or even depression.

It's important, therefore, to keep the air in your home healthy and fresh with plenty of oxygen.

- Healthy air in your home can help you to stay alert which is important if you have children, exams or a work deadline looming.

- Healthy air in your home can help you think clearly which is important if you're making important life decisions, need to think creatively or are trying to solve a problem.

- Healthy air in your home can help you feel energised which is important if you're busy and always on the go, short on time with a tight schedule or active and committed to making changes.

So, how do we create a fit & healthy home?

Each of the following simple steps will help you create quality air in your home.

Each room in your home may need a different solution so try out some of the solutions to see which work best in each room... by the way, I know that some may seem a bit strange at first but they do work so just give them a try and let me know how you get on:

  • open the window and let the fresh air in to the room
  • open the door and let any stagnant air leave the room
  • move the sofa away from the wall to let the air circulate behind it
  • hoover the floor to pick up any dust and dirt that can trap air movement
  • dust shelves and surfaces, moving items, to refresh the whole room
  • clap in the corners or any dark area of the room to invigorate air movement
  • spring clean cupboards and drawers to get rid of any unwanted items
  • throw back the sheets on your bed during the day to help soothe your night time sleep
  • wash towels and bedding regularly
  • if you see something messy, clean it up
  • incorporate oxygenating plants into your home

If, like me, you're not good at keeping plants alive then you could try  Aloa Vera which doesn't need much watering. It also  emits oxygen at night, which helps combat insomnia and improves overall sleep quality.

Another plant to try out is the Snake Plant because it can be neglected for weeks. It emits oxygen in the night while you're sleeping and also filters household toxins from the air. 

All of these tips will help you create a fit & healthy home... but only if you take action, put some time aside and incorporate them into your summer schedule.

You'll then have a bright and sunny home that will feel calm and relaxing, whilst also being energising and invigorating.

If your home feels dark, depressing and dated and you don't know where to start or 
you're struggling to find the way out 
get in touch
I'll help you create your sunshine home
to relax, unwind and re-energize.

Gwendoline Alderton
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Interior Designer
Digital Interior Designer
House Doctor Consultant
Mindful Home Expert
Radio, conference & Event Speaker
Tel: 07841 519802


This year I've been working hard to bring to you my MINDFUL HOME workshop.

The emphasis of the workshop is to enable you to stop feeling overwhelmed with interior design and to help you start relaxing in your home... a healthy home that nurtures and support you, your family and your friends. 

I appreciate that many interior design courses are fashioned for people like me, women who want to be interior designers. This is great for women who want and need the technical information but what about the vast majority of women who just want enough information to decorate a room in their home? These course can be overwhelming and often over complicated.

My Mindful Home workshop showcases my 5 Secret Steps that are easy to understand and quick to apply.

The 5 Secret steps will help you create your healthy home.... one that feels safe and secure, one that's warm and welcoming, one that's organised and feels spacious, and one that's invigorating, gives you the space to think and helps you unwind.  

If you'd like to FIND OUT MORE ABOUT A MINDFUL HOME and how it can help you create a fit & healthy home then click on this photo for more information....


Wednesday 13th September
Central London
(09:30 am till 1:30pm)
I look forward to seeing you there.
Stop feeling Overwhelmed & Start Relaxing

Gwendoline Alderton
Click here to send me a personal message
Interior Designer
Digital Interior Designer
House Doctor Consultant
Mindful Home Expert
Radio, Conference & Event Speaker
Tel: 07841 519802

If you have a friend who's creative, enjoys watching the property programmes on the telly or just loves to shop and create a beautiful home then please feel free to forward this onto them for inspiration.





Stay Stylish 


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