create a Summer of Joy 

Despite the cold and snow, Summer is on it's way!

We know that you will want to be spending more time outside as those warmer days approach.  

We also know the value of a consistent yoga practice and the  benefits it brings to enhance any activity. 

This summer we want to help you create room for both.  

 M aintain your yoga practice and also enjoy the great outdoors  
with our new 
Summer of Joy Pass 

Here is how it will work: 
Throughout the summer (June through August) maintain a consistent practice at the studio by attending  6 classes per month* (or 18 classes over three months) using your class pass, membership, or just dropping in.
In addition, purchase a Summer of Joy pass for $25 which gives you access to 6 outdoor activities (7 if you include Wanderlust which is not included in the pass). 
Attend 4 of the 7 events, plus 18 yoga classes throughout the summer and and  receive a gift bag complete with a Mudita water bottle and other goodies!

Here are the dates of the 
outdoor activities**: 

June 8   - Noon picnic in park - 30 minutes of yoga, bring your own lunch and nosh together under the trees
June 21 - Sunrise meditation - honor the the solstice, the stillness
July 1 - Hike + restore class - hike in Millcreek canyon and then head to studio to attend class
July 8 - Wanderlust 108 
July 9 - Evening full moon hike - enjoy the full moon with a hike combined with a bit of yoga 
Aug 10 - Sunrise yoga in park - join us at Evergreen park for sun salutations and if you have time, for breakfast at Roots after***  
Aug 28 - Sunset meditation -  honor the last week of Summer of Joy, giving thanks to the warm glow of light around us!
We are excited to create a Summer of Joy with you!
Purchase your Summer of Joy pass at the studio
Pass runs from June 1 to August 31
All levels welcome
*    If you have a 5 class membership you can purchase extra drop ins at that rate
**   Locations and times for outdoor events to be announced 
*** Breakfast not included 

For questions about the Pass contact Carrie at carrie.coppola@gmail.com or 801.699.3627

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