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Dear Parents and Caregivers,
In order to meet the increasing need for services in our community, FACT continues to increase the number of programs we offer and the number of families we serve. 
In order to do this we have adopted a new method of registration for children with ASD and volunteers. Creating an account will allow you to register for any of our programs throughout the year without repeatedly supplying contact information and filling out forms.  With the new system you can manage the payment of fees and tuition or keep track of volunteer hours.  You can update your own contact information at any time so you'll never be "out of the loop". An annual fee of $5 will be charged to create the account.  Please visit the EVENTS page of our website to view the calendar of upcoming activities and programs.  Click on any event to read more details and access the registration site link. I hope the new system makes the registration and payment processes easier for you. Please call our offices at (757) 422-2040 or email us at if you have any questions and look for our September Newsletter later this week for more information about programs and upcoming events.
Pam Clendenen
Executive Director

Upcoming Events- Overview
Teen Time -  is a monthly outing for 13 to 18 year old individuals with autism and volunteers ages 15-18. Participants should have good receptive and expressive language skills. Supervision is limited, pre-registration is required, and a small fee will apply. 
(* Note to previous Tween and Teen participants- This year we are  eliminating "Tween Time" and  including 13 and 14 year old students with the teens.) 
Social Club -  is a monthly outing for individuals with ASD who are 19 and older. This is an extension of Teen Time and the same criteria apply.  If your child will turn 19 in 2017, please register for Teen events and switch to Social Club next season, Individuals who will turn 19 in 2016 should register for Social Club.
Out-N-About - is a new program for individuals who are 16 and older who may lack the communication skills to participate in our other social programs but still want and need to spend time with their peers enjoying recreational activities. Monthly outings will begin in October and include fun, age appropriate activities with a much greater level of supervision.
Family Socials -  are free bi-monthly events geared for elementary and middle school aged students, their siblings and caregivers, but everyone is welcome. Socials have a carnival atmosphere with games, crafts, concessions, and more. Our first Family Social will be in October. Volunteers of all ages are needed. 
Bowling, Sports Programs, and Bike Camp- FACT offers a variety of programs to increase physical fitness, coordination, language and social skills. Criteria for participation and fees vary, but we make every effort to include as many individuals as possible and keep programs affordable for families. Bowling and Volleyball registrations are open now for individuals with ASD and volunteers. Bike camp registration is open to student and adult volunteers only.  We will begin camper registration when we have secured an adequate number of volunteers.

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