>> not good. not bad. they're just are... habits. you've done them so many times that they're ironed into your psyche. 

Do you want the great news or the not-so-great news first?

The great news is ... they can be changed!

The not-so-great news ... it's hard to do.

Practice >> the things we do over and over again -- even when it's hard -- to create new conditions. How we show up, how we listen, how we treat ourselves as we move through the practice colors our new conditions.

Making new habits is not fun! We underestimate the power of old habits, and we overestimate how easy it will be to change them.

(And then, just to add interest, we should remember that perfection is the enemy of good.)

There are ascetics from every tradition -- people who understood that the best way of detaching from the binding habits/thoughts/addictions/norms was to completely abstain from all things that are thought of as "of the senses", or sensual. Today, we're wide-open living-out-loud in this worldly place and time in all the trappings, so it's even more vital to cleanse occasionally, to access our habits through self-study, and to practice in new ways the tools we're given by the discipline we're following. This is a real over-simplification of what's been scribed in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. (and so many other important texts!)

When life gets crazy-feeling or we move too far away from moderation, we can drop into the body, which knows. It's that simple. The dropping-in is the solution. The practice creates the habit.

How calmly are we connecting the new dots?

What if you went to the yoga mat with all the faith in the world that your desire for your strongest, most highly sensitive, most flexible body possible is just a season of practice away?

I'm completely humbled by the open-heartedness you share in our space. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your practice!

Stay courageous!


P.S. The illustration above is from a book called Magnificent Meditation Illustrations To Improve Your Practice by an artist named   Yumi Sakugawa .

Rhonda Cook, c-IAYT, eRYT
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How to Select a Meditation Cushion



The cushion acts as a visual reminder that prompts you into your daily practice.

A cushion is generally affordable.

They support and encourage a tall back.

They provide a stable seat.

They're lightweight and can be carried anywhere.


Follow this link to read about how to pick a good meditation cushion for your meditation practice.

Using a Mantra & Breath Practice to Develop Good Thought Habits.

" Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts." ~Thích Nhất Hạnh

Rest & Be Stretched! Thai Massage Day

Sunday Feb 11, 2018
One-hour sessions starting at 11:30am

Thai Massage  bodywork sessions will be available in one-hour appointments at Breathe Yoga & Wellness by appointment on two Sundays in January. Follow this link or watch a video on Thai Massage to learn what to expect during this wonderful, relaxing treatment as well as licensed bodyworker bios.

$60 per one-hour Thai Massage Session. $55 for active Breathe Monthly Members.

Learn more here about booking, payment, and cancellations. 

Book an appointment by following this link.
February Yoga & Wine

Friday Feb 16, 2017 from 6:00 - 7:30pm
Led by Erica Baxter, eRYT

Join yoga teacher Erica Baxter for an evening of fun and relaxation. We'll start with a stretchy, flowy, feel-good yoga class, followed by wine, light refreshments and time with friends.

No prior yoga experience needed. Must be 21 or older to participate; no exceptions.

Cost is $10 for Breathe Members / $12 for non-Members OR pay $20 for two. Inquire about special group pricing!

Reserve your spot or spots  HERE .

Brand-New to Yoga
2-hour Beginners Workshop

Saturday Feb 17, 2017 from 11am - 1pm
Led by Erica Baxter, eRYT

This is a 2-hour workshop is for beginning yoga students who want to learn the practice of yoga. The instructor will progressively take the class from very basic yoga postures to standing and moving in a slow flow movement, linking movement with breath.

 This workshop will help give new students the tools needed to easily move towards a mixed-levels class with confidence.

Cost is $20 per person.

Reserve your spot  HERE.

Winter & Spring Price Special: A Bundle of Workshops for YOU!

Bundle of any FOUR 2-Hour Workshops this Winter & Spring for $88 (a savings of up to $37!)
The Workshops Bundle can be purchased by following this link.

For a preview of what's on the schedule, follow this link to our current list of upcoming two-hour workshops (and we expect to add more!).
Book Study: Living Your Yoga
author, Dr. Judith Lasater

Sunday Feb 18, 2017 at 4:00pm
Led by Erica Baxter, eRYT

This monthly group book study session is offered by donation, which will go, in part, to a charity of the teacher's choice. There will be time for reading, reflection and dialogue in each group meeting, which will be held monthly for 7 months.

Registration for the book study session isn't necessary, but WILL help Erica plan for the number of people, so feel free to reserve your spot  HERE.

Spring Guest Teacher Workshop w/ Anne Lowell: Yoga Beyond the Mat

Three-hour workshop S aturday, April 28, 2018, 11am - 2pm

You may have heard the phrase "take your yoga off of the mat" but what does that really mean, and more importantly, how do you do it and what's the point? This workshop will deepen your practice and grow your understanding of yoga through group discussion and self-reflection.

Besides teaching yoga, Anne is an ACSM certified personal trainer and completed her 500 hour yoga credential at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Registration available soon and space will be limited, so email in advance to be on the waiting list!

Yoga for Addiction Recovery Support

Next 12-weeks Session
Tuesdays, Feb 27 - May 6, 2018
10 - 11am

People may come to one, some, or all 12 of these trauma-informed classes. This class emphasizes physical and emotional safety and is beginner-friendly. This class is not meant to be a substitute for addiction treatment.

Read more here .

Offered by donation. Advance registration is not required, but is encouraged. Sign up for any single class here.

Private Yoga Sessions & Yoga Therapy

One-on-one yoga and meditation sessions are geared specifically to students' needs and are a great way to learn essential concepts such as key actions of poses, correct alignment for a specific body, breathing, lines of energy and philosophical concepts. Several teachers at Breathe Yoga & Wellness are available to develop a personalized practice.

Yoga Therapy is a person-centered approach, is led by specially trained instructors, and takes into account a student's total wellness, physical and mental health conditions, and is centered around a specific goal, such as sleep regulation, support of healing from injury or surgery, reducing effects of chronic conditions, pain reduction. Evidence-based yoga modalities are offered along with full assessment, recommendations and follow up. 

Private sessions can be booked by following this link or by email inquiry to info@breatheyogawellness.com. 

While the only insurance we can use for coving private sessions are HSA or FSA debit cards, Breathe Yoga & Wellness offers discounts for the booking of multiple sessions, along with discounts with a written referral by any wellness practitioner for yoga or meditation.

Nature Retreat Feb 3rd at Indigo with Annaliese

Our own Annaliese Koltermann will be leading yoga at a Nature Retreat hosted by Indigo Nature Retreat on Saturday, February 3rd. Learn more about this lovely, inaugural event HERE.

Annaliese Koltermann's Life Coaching Blog

Such a beautiful blog full of life, happiness and success tips! We love what she shares in her classes and are psyched to visit her blog with each new post! Read her last one HERE.

Original Worth -- Sarah's Self-Love Blog & Site

Our own local friend community organizer Sarah Dergins writes about her own lessons on confronting people-pleasing, perfectionism, judging others, embracing your gifts, & finding your rhythm. Check it out HERE.
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