Although we're already nearing the official start of summer, we've been busy with some spring updates here at Sew Beautiful. Starting with this newsletter, we're excited to roll out our new logo and imagery that reflects the polished, on-trend design style we're known for.

In that same vein, this month's feature article highlights one of our client's rooms that we recently gave a design update. Soon to be featured in Annapolis Home Magazine's Design Talk, we want to give you a sneak peak at how we transformed this living room, giving it a brighter, more cohesive aesthetic.

With the longer summer days ahead, we're reminded of the heat and fabric fading that result from intense daylight. With Hunter Douglas' Celebration of Light Savings Event, going on now through June 25th, don't miss this opportunity to save on light-diffusing shades for your home.

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Did You Know?
The famous, annual Met Gala covers the media with photos of elegant, noteworthy and sometimes outrageous gown designs as celebrities walk the red carpet. But the event is also relevant to the world of interior design.

Color palettes, lines within the gown design, and the texture and prints of fabrics all play into the relationship of mirroring - and sometimes influencing - what's currently on trend in the design world. For example, 2016 brought a deluge of metallics, while 2018 brought some bright pops of color. The event decorations inside the Met are also influenced by the year's trends, with carefully selected color palettes, structures, and eye lines.
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"Design Talk"
with Annapolis Home Magazine

We recently had a client contact us about redesigning their living room. After learning more about their personal interests and world travels, we knew we wanted to create a room that would reflect their spirit and display the treasures gathered during their trips. Soon to be featured in the May/June issue of Annapolis Home Magazine, here are some of the design elements we considered while working with the room:
the Line

Custom built-ins flanking the fireplace create a much needed architectural line in the room, as well as a beautiful focal point. Installing the shades and draperies above the windows and at the same height as the built-ins continues the line and creates the illusion of larger and taller windows.
the Room

What were once two smaller, separate windows are now visually connected with the window treatments. The hexagonal, embroidered design of the panel fabric compliments the angles of the room. Paired with light reflective Woven Wood Shades, this combination treatment brings loft and light to the room.
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