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January, 2013
You Know About This!

My Feelings Are Hungry!  

Did you even know that feelings could get hungry?  
My Feelings are Hungry is the first book to ever address some of the key emotional issues that make kids want to eat more and also misbehave.
My Feelings are Hungry is likely to become one of the single-most important books in the fight against childhood obesity in understanding that underneath all behavior are unresolved feelings!


Have you visited the new PreK + K Sharing Early Education Emporium

How fun and easy this is be for
WONDERFUL new resources from a variety knowledgeable, dedicated and caring early child care professionals.
New items will be added throughout the year!!

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Love Your Baby Activity Packet

Children need EVERY adult, that has an influence on their life,  to understand the basics of brain development and help them learn needed life skills. We owe every child the opportunity to develop in the most healthy ways possible.

This unique newsletter is designed to create and share a much broader awareness and understanding. It is still a minority of individuals that know the basics of how we can positively influence a maturing brain.


Through continuing to work together and sharing we can finally make this critical information common knowledge!

Because you care, I invite you to join in, benefit from and
share in this needed effort. I hope you are as enthused as I am
to make a REAL difference!


The Best Year Yet!  


A new year brings with it the wonderful anticipation for creating improvement in our lives! It can bring excitement for all that is possible! Isn't that a wonderful feeling!?


This is exactly why I also get so EXTREMELY enthused about all we know, understand and are continuing to learn about the brain!! This knowledge and awareness about the brain also provides excitement for new possibilities. When we have our brains functioning best... we can be an even more positive influence for everyone in our lives. And... when we better understand and provide what brains need most, then we can support optimal growth, health and happiness!


Often, with new year resolutions we primarily focus on improving our bodies. Isn't if funny that we don't usually make resolutions to make positive changes for our brain? The beauty is however, if we focus on doing what is best for our brains... everything in life improves!


It is with this focus, I am thrilled to share a new program for caring communities throughout the country. As a result of the post I wrote following the tragic event in Newton, CT , I developed this unique presentation for those asking...."What can we do?". It is my belief that we should use this DEEPLY sad event to turn it into something positive for other communities. It would be wonderful to use the feeling of pulling together in support of each other to make it happen EVERYWHERE... EVERY DAY!


Let's make 2013 a year that we REALLY use our brains.... (and our Hearts)!


Filled with hope, 





H.O.P.E (Helping Other People Everywhere) 

Parents and professionals, here is your opportunity to connect with all you need or are looking for ... all in one place! Simply let me know what you find important and beneficial for others.. and we can all share!

Early Brain Development  Info from Brain Insights
H.O.P.E provides the chance to easily find and share brain development information without searching!

Creating awareness of the impact we can all easily have on optimal brain development for ALL children.

 "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." 
                                                  ~ Albert Einstein 


Parent Ponders?

Are you a parent that wants reliable information on a topic or area of concern?    Do you want answers to questions from knowledgeable and educated professionals rather than information based on opinion or marketing?

Parent Ponder share

From: Charlie Plunkett

 100 Little Words on Parenthood

A very fun concept I am sure you will enjoy!
This is a collection of poems, stories, words of wisdom and humor. Each piece written on the topic of parenthood is exactly 100 words. There are contributions from parents, grandparents and professionals on a variety of topics that will touch your heart or make you laugh!


Cognitive Connections?  Children need ALL adults to understand brain development

Are you looking for a conference, TV or radio show, video clip, movie or website on healthy brain development to check out or share?

Cognitive Connection Share:

The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine consistently offers AMAZING free webinar series on the latest brain research.

A new six week series, featuring Dr. Dan Siegel, began January 16th.
Log onto  to register for the next 5 in the series and Enjoy!!


Brainy Books and Blogs?   

Are you looking for a book or a valuable 
blog on brains or life skill development?

Brainy Book Share:

by Paul Tough

Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character  

Why do some children succeed while others fail?


The story we usually tell about childhood and success is the one about intelligence: success comes to those who score highest on tests, from preschool admissions to SATs.


But in How Children Succeed, Paul Tough argues that the qualities that matter most have more to do with character: skills like perseverance, curiosity, conscientiousness, optimism, and self-control.


Think About It....   Think about it!

Do you enjoy learning and sharing interesting brain facts?

Think About It Share:

"The feel good chemical, oxytocin, has been found to be released in your own brain when giving to others."


Remarkable Research! 

Are you looking for remarkable and interesting findings in brain research?

Remarkable Research Share: 
From Science Daily

How Early Social Deprivation Impairs Long-Term Cognitive Function

A study from Boston Children's Hospital shows, for the first time, how these functional impairments arise.


Neuron News! 

Helping Kids Who Struggle

With Executive Functions   

by Rachel Ehmke, Child Mind Institute 

Children who have poor executive functioning, including many with ADHD, are more disorganized than other kids. They might take an extraordinarily long time to get dressed or become overwhelmed while doing simple chores around the house. Schoolwork can become a nightmare because they regularly loose papers or start weeklong assignments the night before they are due.

Learning specialists have devised ways to bolster the organizational skills that don't come naturally a child with poor executive functioning.  Read more

Brain Briggles are great fun to share!

"Brain Briggle" 
"The brain, and the brain only, is responsible for, and is the seat of, all our joys, and happiness, our pain and sadness; here is seated wisdom, understanding, and the knowledge of the differences between good and evil."   ~ Hippocrates
Sincere appreciation for contributing to making a positive impact through ALL the ways you invest in children,

Deborah McNelis
Founder, Brain Insights,LLC