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The Magic is in the Unfamiliar... 
July 2020
Sometimes it's about the journey, sometimes the destination. But with our unique Vermont day trips, it's decidedly both! 

Hello Everyone!

Vermont continues to be one of the safest places in the country and our state is opening carefully.

We’ve all been home for months now, following the rules that keeps us and those around us healthy and safe. And now, we’re all getting out… We’ve seen an incredible resurgence in the last several weeks, as new guests are finding their way to Pond Mountain Inn. We want to reaffirm to our new guests our commitment to making you feel welcome and safe while we work very hard behind the scenes to continue delivering exceptional experiences.       

All our very best,

Kay & Glenn
Lye Brook Falls Trail
Manchester, Vermont
This photo was taken two weeks ago by one of our guests. Many of our guests have “hiked the falls” utilizing the old logging railroad grades and old woods roads. True adventurers can still find remains of charcoal kilns, sawmills and railroads from a century ag o. (4.7 mile trail)
MIT Class of 2014
Our Youngest Guests
This young couple spent a few nights with us and had the opportunity to meet our neighbors – MIT Class of 1981. The four had breakfast together reminiscing about Boston life and their respective times at MIT. We’re incredibly fortunate to have such interesting guests. 
Not Our Guests
Agawam, Massachusetts
Mama and her three cubs were “caught on film” in the backyard of one of our perennial guests. They also shared a funny story that one of her cubs was afraid to descend from the tree and cried out until mama returned to “talk her down”. Together the happy family continued on...    
Perspective comes from encountering something completely new...
Liebigs Berry Farm • West Pawlet, Vermont
We just love their road side stand and make it a point to buy either pre-picked berries or pick-your-own. Blueberries will be ready for picking within the next ten days depending on weather conditions. Raspberries are not ready until a little later…   
 Lake Saint Catherine Poultney, Vermont
Lake St. Catherine, carved out by glaciers years ago is a beautiful 852-acre lake located in the towns of Wells and Poultney, Vermont is considered one of the cleanest lakes in Vermont. All of our guests this year have visited, swam and two have fished the lake… 
Does Connecticut Have The Best Pizza?
The map says it all… We had friends that flew their plane from New Jersey to New Haven just to pick up six pizza pies. Others have driven more than one hundred miles for one of these oval-shaped, thin-crusted delicacies that are coal-charred to perfection. Pepe’s (our favorite), Sally’s Apizza and Modern Apizza are New Haven’s top three! We'll make the trip again this fall.... 
Connecting Our Guests to New Experiences… 
Last Week's Guests... Had The Full Vermont Experience!
Hi Glenn,

What a lovely picture! We had a wonderful time; back in NY and were reliving the sumptuous breakfast, lovely weather, large trout, raptors, horses, eggs.... you get the picture. In the end people make the difference; you and Kay were such gracious hosts; same for Kevin & Carrie (fishing), Debbie (stable) and the Ciccarelli's (all of them!). I hope all your guests are lucky enough to experience VT like we did.

Please let me know if we could help in writing a review or other. Take care! Pradeep

They caught this 32" twelve-pound Brown Trout and, a large Pike, Small Mouth Bass, with a few others.
Today we have another family heading out on the lake for an experience they'll never forget.
An Unforgettable Day at Fort Ticonderoga & Mount Defiance
The Revolutionary War trifecta; Bennington, Saratoga and Fort Ticonderoga! However, “Fort Ticonderoga was clearly the highlight of any vacation. From the Reenactments, to the King’s Garden, The Fort and the views over Lake Champlain are simply indescribable.” Less than one hour from Pond Mountain Inn this is one incredible experience!

Every day is an event at Fort Ticonderoga and every year is a new experience. 
This Week's Guests Help Feed and Water the Farm Animals...
The kids are very interested in seeing and interacting with all kinds of farm animals. They’ve visited Wellsmere Farm every day this week while mom and dad picked up local produce and pie. They visited Dancing Ewe Farm yesterday and played with the spring lambs, and delighted in feeding our neighbor’s chickens, pigs and Black Angus. This morning they’ll be out on the lake with fishing guides Carrie and Kevin hoping to reel in some big fish like our previous guests did a week earlier!   
Dorset Marble Quarry • Dorset, Vermont
Dorset Quarry is one of the top 12 secret swimming holes in U.S.

This is a beautiful spot in one of Vermont’s most beautiful and historical towns. This is a really cool, old marble quarry. You can see it driving down Route 30. The Dorset Quarry is the oldest in the United States; from 1785 on it was quarrying marble.
Mach's Market • Pawlet, Vermont
A new, fresh food market includes a local meat butcher shop and smoke house. A wood fired brick oven serves up organic baked sweet treats, and breads along with gourmet style, hand shaped wood fired pizzas with a real farm to table menu... All the initial reviews are excellent!
Calvin Coolidge Homestead • Plymouth Notch, Vermont
The birthplace and boyhood home of Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States. The village of Plymouth Notch is preserved much as it was when Coolidge was sworn in as president. This is one of the best-preserved presidential sites in the country. And, read more about our intellectual diversity . .. 
The Cornish~Windsor Bridge • Cornish, New Hampshire
The Cornish–Windsor Covered Bridge is a 153-year-old, two-span, timber King-truss, interstate, covered bridge that crosses the Connecticut River between Cornish, New Hampshire, and Windsor, Vermont... is well worth visiting with interesting sites along the way. 
The Ice House Farm... We Just Like The Early Spring Photo!

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