Creating More than Art

The other week I shared the story of how Thrive International's Youth group has partnered with us in creating impact.

Today I'd like to share more insights of how we've inspired connection, empathy, and healing from past experiences.

We hosted a public packing event this summer to help us put kits together & get them ready for delivery. One young man, Aiden, was enjoying conversations with the adults surrounding him and off-handedly remarked, "I am going to make so many kids happy by doing this today!" It was a simple comment yet hearing him connect the experience he was having with empathy for others his age was a beautiful moment for us all.

Lisa, a childhood cancer survivor & frequent volunteer, told of the time her Grandma brought a bag filled with coloring books, markers, crayons, and crafts while she was hospitalized and receiving treatments, expressing "I wish I would have had something like this when I was going through my cancer! That bag my grandma brought meant so much and game me something to do".

A WSU student's experience of writing wishtags to go in our kits:

"Writing letters to kids means a lot to me as I had a time in my life where I was scared beyond belief thinking some strange thing in my body was gonna kill me while I was still a kid. Having someone care and a card to read means a lot more than most think." (Samuel)

These are simply a few of the stories that keep us going strong and remind us the importance of doing small things to help others. While our mission is supporting kids and families facing illness and hospital experiences, our passion is encouraging others to join us along the way. We not only create art, we create CONNECTIONS, EMPATHY, COMPASSION, EMPOWERMENT, and INSPIRATION through every experience and event.

With gratitude as we continue to spread love, one kit at a time~


Thrive International's Zing! group

Moms of Multiples prepping blankets

November Tie Blanket kits are an annually requested repeat by hospitals & organizations alike due to their high value for helping process emotions & provide comfort.

We'd like to thank our silent donor for supporting us each year and First Interstate Bank for your contribution, along with the many volunteers who make this possible!

Mountainside Middle School Leadership team prepping blankets

Make giving easier…

With the holidays quickly approaching comes the focus of giving. It’s a great time to instill values and open conversations with your kids, students, and even partnerships. How we give can say a lot about what is important to us and there is no shortage of incredible opportunities these days. Here are a few suggestions to help simplify the process for you:

  • Know your why. Are you giving because you feel the pressure to give or because you feel good giving back, sharing your abundance, and modeling a way of living.

  • Consider what you give. Is it time? Money? Gifts? There are a lot of ways to create impact and make a difference and unlimited organizations who would be grateful for all of the above. Take time to find the one that feels best for you.

  • Where do you give? Is it local, statewide, national or international? 

  • Once you consider and answer these questions you can begin to dial it in a little and look at who you give to. What missions are close to your heart and speak to you? What are your interests and are there any programs that have similar focus?

  • Finally, how do you give? This is more targeted to financial giving. Is it easiest for you and your budget to donate a lump sum annually, a couple times a year or break it down into monthly payments? $250 during the “giving months” can feel a little tight, but might be more manageable to make 2 annual payments of $125 or monthly payments of $21. 

While $21 may not sound as impactful it can provide a sense of security and stability for nonprofit organizations looking forward and it may feel more expansive for you personally to know you’re giving all year round with ease.

If this sounds appealing to you and we fill the bucket for the above mentioned considerations, please check out our **NEW** monthly giving program here . It’s a one time sign-up and your desired amount is deducted automatically each month! We would be honored.

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5 ways to help today:

* Fundraise, donate, sponsor

* Sign up to Volunteer

* Fill out Wishtags- words of support & love

* Submit Kit idea (youth under 19)

* Spread the Word

What sounds fun to you?!

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