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What is more important to building a healthy, growing organization than creating more effective leaders? Linda Lubin Thompson would answer that question with a resounding "Nothing!"

This edition of our newsletter profiles Linda -- her philosophies and approaches as a coach to developing leadership abilities. In the second column, we feature one of her many tools -- the Impact Report.

We have recorded a short interview with Linda that is practical and upbeat. You can watch it HERE .

We dedicate this column to Patrick Wilson, one of Linda's mentors who passed away recently.
Barbara Key and Linda Alepin, Editors
A Leader Who Builds Effective Leaders

By Linda Alepin and Barbara Key

Leaders in government, industry, academia and non-profits have many accountabilities:

  • Financial goals
  • Visions for the future
  • Responsible governance
  • Etc.

Among the most important, however, is their duty to develop their employees -- to create new leaders. To grow a healthy organization, skilled, resourceful, innovative, and effective leaders are required. 

Linda Lubin Thompson of L2T Leadership Development is an expert in helping people to do just that. In particular, she enjoys focusing her passion and talent on developing leaders just below the executive level and women at all levels. 

What approaches does she take to assist people in growing and reaching their full potential?

Read more of her story HERE

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The Impact Report
By Linda Lubin Thompson

Do you believe that if you work hard and do a good job that rewards—recognition, bonuses, promotion—will follow?

Sadly, many people find that unless they tout their accomplishments, these may be ignored, or at most recognized briefly and then forgotten. With the pace of today’s society, it’s easy to see how this can happen.

How can you ensure that not only your work, but also the impact of that work is recognized and valued?

One simple tool is the Impact Report. You can use it to describe your accomplishments in terms of the greater goal to which they contribute.

Read more HERE about the Impact Report

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