May 2018
The Midas Collaborative E-Newsletter
Creating Opportunity for Massachusetts Families

Financial insecurity and inequality is at an all-time high, especially in Massachusetts . Far too many families feel trapped, even as our economy strengthens.

Advancing financial security requires access to quality financial education and resources. However, that is not enough. Removing systemic barriers - policies, behaviors and practices that are ingrained in our structures that restrict opportunity - is necessary to improve the environment people are operating within.

Midas recently released three policy issue briefs that highlight a few of these barriers including the misuse of credit scores for employment. As these barriers become more visible, corrective action is required.

Enactment of pending state legislation will right these wrongs and invest in our our most valuable resource - our residents - which creates more prosperous communities.
Building Connections & Expanding Our Impact
At the 10th annual MassSaves Financial Health & Wellness Summit, over 120 attendees who serve over 20,000 clients collectively, united to network, share and learn. A resounding 90% of attendees rated the Summit as "excellent" or "good." Even more impressive is that over 95% noted they were "highly likely" or "likely" to incorporate the resources into their work.

Over the last decade, the connections made at the Summit have resulted in collaborative partnerships, enhanced financial capability programs, and deeper investments in our communities.

As we continue to build connections and expand our impact, our pathway forward is clear. We are focused on:

  1. Deepening engagement year-round
  2. Highlighting regional successes, and
  3. Elevating our voices in support of policies and initiatives centered around financial health and wellness

Midas and our MassSaves partners are committed to making Massachusetts a national model for financial confidence and empowerment.
Spring Clean Your Finances
As we finally transition to spring, do your finances need an update? has you covered with resources, tips, and more to help start afresh.