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Week in review
A Big Thank You!

We want to thank everyone who braved the weather last week to join the conversation about downtown public spaces!  From public workshops to grocery stores, community events to casual conversations, hundreds of people came out to talk with the Project for Public Spaces team, City staff, and one another about ideas, concerns and opportunities around the city center.

The outpouring of interest in this project was readily apparent, and the consultant team left impressed by the degree of community engagement.

Next Steps

On Saturday, the consultants filled their suitcases with piles of notes from the community workshops, Pop Up stations, stakeholder meetings and other sessions, and they are going to spend the next weeks pulling the many individual comments into a summary report.

Using the thoughts and experience of the community as a foundation, the PPS team will draft a series of recommendations for the programming, management and design of the downtown public spaces.  They are scheduled to present a draft report in early 2017.

Update at City Council

At Monday's City Council worksession, Nan Laurence and Will Dowdy from the City's Planning and Development Department shared a project update on Places for People.

You can watch it here (beginning at 45:15)

thoughts from Project for Public Spaces
    Eleven Principles for Creating Great Community Places

To introduce you to Project for Public Spaces, we thought we'd share some of their writing:

"Effective public spaces are extremely difficult to accomplish, because their complexity is rarely understood. As William (Holly) Whyte said, “It’s hard to design a space that will not attract people. What is remarkable is how often this has been accomplished.”

In our 1999 book How to Turn a Place Around, PPS identified 11 key elements in transforming public spaces into vibrant community places, whether they’re parks, plazas, public squares, streets, sidewalks or the myriad other outdoor and indoor spaces that have public uses in common. This was a key milestone in our history, as this book helped to launch and define the Placemaking movement. These elements are:


The important starting point in developing a concept for any public space is to identify the talents and assets within the community..."

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