Our city center belongs to the whole community.
Let’s create Places for People in Downtown Eugene
Placemaking at City Council

Save the Date!

Come learn about design, management, and programming ideas for our downtown public spaces.  Meg Walker from Project for Public Spaces will share the results of their public engagement from the past few months and concepts for looking forward.

Eugene City Council
Wednesday, February15
12:00–1:30 p.m.
Public Service Building
Harris Hall
125 East 8th Ave., Eugene
Other upcoming City Council dates

If you are interested in placemaking, you may also be interested in two other upcoming City Council worksessions.  Council dates are tentative and subject to change.  Please confirm the schedule on the Public Meetings Calendar.
Council Work Session on Downtown and Neighborhood Safety
Wednesday, February 8
12:00–1:30 p.m. 

Council Work Session on Wayfinding
Monday, February 13
5:30–7:00 p.m.
thoughts from Project for Public Spaces
    Light, Quick, and Cheap:
5 Placemaking Projects That Inspire Us

To introduce you to Project for Public Spaces, we thought we'd share some of their writing:

"Great public spaces do not have to be design-heavy, multi-million dollar projects situated in city centers. In fact, sometimes the most exciting spaces are low-key, low-cost, and in the most unexpected locations.

The Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper approach to placemaking involves making temporary and relatively inexpensive alterations to a public space. These projects can, and often do, get off the ground while more long-range projects grind through the lengthy development pipeline..."

For more information on Places for People, visit us at  eugene-or.gov/placesforpeople

If you would like to subscribe to updates about the Places for People project, write to us at placesforpeople@ci.eugene.or.us and tell us you would like to receive our emails.  And share it with your friends!  
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