Dear Member or Applicant,




We are writing you today to inform you of the need to create your Pet Food Stamps account on our newly created website. If you have submitted an application online, mailed in your verification documents or have already received pet food, you still must create an account on our website. This account will be used to communicate with PFS staff, and the place where your future pet food orders will be placed, as well as make changes to contact information or change your pet's diet.


The account will have your personal profile as well as a profile for your pet/pets. This is mandatory.


If you have already sent in your verification documents, you must still create an account. If you are able to upload the documents to your new account which you have already sent in to us, please do so; if you are not able to upload the documents, we will do so when we reach your application.


If you are wondering why you were asked to mail in your documents in the first place if you are now able to upload, the reason is we will still be printing a hard copy for our files and we needed them anyway.


Our previous email last month to every applicant, at this point, has only been opened by 54% of the recipients. If you are one of the applicants who has not yet opened or received an email and have not sent in your verification documents, we ask you to please visit the link below, follow the instructions, open your account and upload your documents.


If you are not able to upload the documents to your account on our website, you are still able to mail in the documents to our office, but you must still open an account. The two (2) documents we need are a copy of your "award letter of benefits" stating you are receiving benefits from either: food stamps, welfare or social security (if this is your only form of income). The second document is a photocopy of a State ID such as a driver's license or other State ID with a photo and address matching your award letter.




This new website will allow us to simplify and streamline our process to deal with the 200,000 applicants to our program.


The website is in BETA form and will be for the next 2 weeks. If you discover any bugs or problems (there seems to be very few) you will be able to send in an error/problem report to our web team on the website.


Once your personal and pet profiles are complete, and we are out of BETA testing approved applicants will be sent a voucher/code through their PFS account and to their email address allowing to make free purchases on the Pet Flow website.


Once your personal and pet profiles are complete and you are in the 'Pet Social Network' you will see that your pet has no 'connections'. This will change once you have been approved.


Once you complete sign-up you will instantly be sent a password to your email; if you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder. You will be able to change your password once you are in your account.


All questions should have been answered here, but if they are not, please email us at: , if the question is program related; and if the question is website related, use the "contact us" tab in RED inside the website which goes directly to our web team and will be answered promptly.


We ask that all calls to the office be made sparingly as the volume of calls we are receiving is tying up staff trying to verify applicants.


(FYI- The Pet Services Classifieds section will be open in 2 weeks)


Warmest Regards,


The Pet Food Stamps Team


Pet Food Stamps Account Sign-up Page:


To Mail in Documents:


Pet Food Stamps

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