Vol. 10, Issue 2, October 11, 2018
Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
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In this week's edition: Gathering together to create a Labour Market Plan for Hamilton; Learning about Hamilton's current labour market; Unemployment rate dipped in September.
WPH's Labour Market Plan Consultation: A plan by the community, for the community
WPH brought together representatives from the Employment Ontario Employment Services community and other employment stakeholders on Wednesday, October 10th.

Staff presented current labour market information regarding the demand side (employers' needs) and supply side (job seekers' needs), and asked for the service providers' expertise in creating a list of priorities.

(See the article to the right for information on the materials that were presented).

Thanks to the service providers who took the time to add their voices to the creation of the plan.

The next step includes interviews with key stakeholders, such as the Chambers of Commerce, Mohawk College, and the business community.

Please contact us if you are an employer who wants to share:

  • How you are faring in the current economy
  • If your sector is having any issues
  • Any struggles finding workers

Please contact Judy Travis at 905-521-5777 ext. 15 or [email protected]

We look forward to creating a plan by the community, for the community!
Learning about Hamilton's current labour market

Those attending the 2018 Labour Market Plan Consultation were given a backgrounder that shared data and information to help with the planning session.

On the demand side (employers' needs):

  • In 2017 the unemployment rate in Hamilton fell to its lowest point since the previous recession in 2008 to 5%
  • Hamilton's unemployment rate has been consistently lower than Ontario's rate
  • Employment in Accommodation and food services grew the most in the last five, growing by 2,710 workers, or 22%

On the supply side (job seekers' needs):

  • About a third of Ontario Works clients have been on OW for three years or more
  • Although 36% of the people who are unemployed are 15-24 years of age, 25% of these are Employment Ontario clients
  • There is an increase of Ontario Works clients who are permanent residents

Stats Can reports: Unemployment rate dipped in September due to part-time job gains

Canada’s job market gained 63,000 positions in September, edging the unemployment rate lower to 5.9 per cent, and offsetting job losses in August, Statistics Canada reported.

September’s increase in employment was largely driven by gains in part-time work, with part-time jobs up by around 80,000, the agency said in its monthly labour force survey.

Economists had estimated the country would add 25,000 jobs in September, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

The job gains were also almost entirely in Ontario and British Columbia, with little change in the other provinces.

Labour Force Information, Hamilton
September 2018
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