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As educators, we are facing troubled times. We have a president who is threatening to deport over 800,000 undocumented children of immigrants, tearing them away from their families who have grown roots in this country. A president who has given implicit and explicit sanction to words and actions against people of color, immigrants, women, and the LGBTQ community. 

Now, more than ever, public education needs to reclaim its roots-its first and foremost mission-which is to educate each and every student to be contributing citizens in our increasingly diverse, global world. We as educators need to deliberately work to change current systems, such as standardized testing, tracking, culturally insensitive curriculum, and excessive discipline practices, that place a damper on this fundamental purpose of education. In their stead, we need to introduce our students to and practice concepts of equity and social justice, and show them what it means to take a stand for your beliefs and provide them with opportunities to make a difference in the world.

Dan French
Executive Director
Resource: Elements of a  Quality Performa nce Assessment

The Elements of a QPA worksheet is used during many QPA institutes a a structured way  to   examine example performance
 assessments. Many teachers find it useful to begin their own design process by clearly identifying and articulating the strengths of others' performance assessments. 

Vermont Professional Learning Network Events

During the 2017-18 school year, we will be working with educators across the state of Vermont to address the issues of implementing the state's main educational policy, Education Quality Standards (EQS), with fidelity.

The purpose of EQS is to ensure that all students in Vermont public schools are afforded personalized, proficiency-based, education opportunities that are substantially equal in quality, and enable them to achieve or exceed standards approve by the State Board of Education.

Here is a list of upcoming meetings:

September 26: Career and Technical Center Directors Collaborative Learning Group, Central Vermont Career Center, Barre, VT

October 4: Work-Based Learning Coordinators Collaborative Learning Group, Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT 

Come Collaborate With Us at iNACOL 2017

We're excited to be presenting at the iNACOL 2017 Symposium  on October 23 - 25 in Orlando, Florida. 

On October 25, Dan French and Laurie Gagnon will be presenting alongside Diane Kelly, Superintended of Revere Public Schools, and Erik Fearing, President of the Revere Teachers Association. They'll be discussing designing accountability systems that better serve students in light of their recent work with the Massachusetts Consortium for Innovative Education Assessment Join us!
LANALP Cohort 4 Selection

The Los Angeles New Administrative Leadership Program (LANALP) selected its fourth cohort this past August, comprised of 35 administrators focused on ensuring social justice in schools based on equity and access. With this intention, the application and selection process was designed around a series of activities that asked applicants to demonstrate how they think systemically and act strategically to improve teaching and learning.

During the three-part Candidate Selection Days, prospective candidates engaged in a small-group fishbowl discussions,  writing exercises, and one-on-one interviews with high-needs school administrators and program alumni. This last piece brought the lens of the practitioner into the selection process and strengthened the growing network of leaders focused on school transformation. These voices added rigor and intentionality to the selection of candidates poised to do the work.
Celebrate Apprenticeship & Work-
Based  Learning with Jobs for the Future

November 9, 2017, 11am-2pm - Washington D.C. 
Join national and international leaders in apprenticeship and work-based learning for a recognition luncheon hosted by Jobs for the Future. The event will celebrate the history of apprenticeship and the new momentum supporting apprenticeship and work-based learning as a mainstream workforce development and talent solutions for American businesses.

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