The holiday season is upon us — a time of social gatherings, family, friends, decorations, gifting and grace.

This time of year often inspires reflection and gratitude. Although the season sometimes presents us with times of craziness and deadlines (especially in the field of interior design!) I'm constantly reminded how lucky I am to be busy with what I love — helping others create their own design aesthetic. Stepping into gorgeous homes and beautifully outfitting them for the holidays is a wonderful way to spend the season.

Will you be hosting any guests in your home? For this month's feature article Doug Richard of D Richard Designs offers several ideas for creating a beautiful holiday tablescape. By incorporating one or more of his tips, you too can create a tablescape that reflects the festiveness of the season!

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Before I sign off, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you, my loyal customers and my staff Sheri, Lisa and Tiffany. Without your support I could not live the dream of doing what I love to do.

Wishing you warmth of home and heart,

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December 2018
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Holiday Tablescapes

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Did You Know?
Pairing red and green is an obvious choice around the holidays. But why? The association can be attributed to two factors: Coca Cola and holly trees. Ancient winter solstice festivities incorporated holly into the celebrations, associating the deep green leaves and red berries with that time of year. Then, in 1931, Coca Cola hired the artist Haddon Sundblom to draw Santa Claus for a brand ad. Drawn as a large, jolly man in bright red robes, the color associations reinforced the colors of winter foliage and to this day, have lasted in American culture.  (Photos and facts by  NPR  )
Create a Spectacular Tablescape
By Doug Richard

Pick a Theme
Picking a theme will help guide your decisions and bring a cohesive look to your table. It will help you decide on colors to use and decorative elements to incorporate into your table setting. Simply put, a theme helps to set the mood of your dinner party!    

Use Natural Elements
By incorporating natural elements into your tablescape, you not only save money but also bring in the seasonality of the outdoors. For example, during fall and winter, I look at what is available out in the yard…. Branches, leaves, evergreens, berries, holly, etc. Mixing what you find outside with live flowers from your local florist will add layers to your table and centerpieces. 
Stagger Heights of Centerpieces
Your tablescape should have many different levels to keep it interesting and make a statement. Think about how to build beyond the horizontal surface of the table. This could be tall vases with branches arching out or even hanging things down from the ceiling. Just remember, you want to keep the eye level of seated guests open to allow conversation across the table.

Controlling the amount and kind of light can set a mood for your table. I like to dim the chandelier and use a lot of candles for my tablescapes. It creates a cozy and intimate mood and everyone looks great in candlelight. Staggering the heights of candles adds interest, as does incorporating mirrors to reflect light around the table. Worried about open flames? Choose votives instead of tapered candles or even battery operated options. Small string lights are also great to use in natural pine bows down the center of the table. 
The Finer Details
A lot of people create a stunning, center tablescape and then forget about the place settings around it. Your theme should influence the type of dishes you use, the charger under the plate, the napkin, how it will be folded, etc. I strongly believe in the use of name cards when having a dinner party. It shows that thought was given to the placement of people and makes guest feel special by having their spot elegantly marked. It also helps to avoid the awkwardness of who is going to sit next to who if it is already thought out and planned ahead of time. 

Hopefully these design tips will help simplify your Holiday decorating so you can enjoy gathering with family and friends! Happy Holidays!
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