Monthly Newsletter
March 2019
 Every once in a while, I get a phone call or an email at Plan to Protect ® that really surprises me – someone asks a question I’ve never heard of before. The truth is, I’ve worked at Plan to Protect ® for almost six years and usually the questions we receive are the same or very similar. But one day I was sitting at my desk and a member called and asked me something new. She shared with me that they have some staff members and volunteers who work entirely online. They don’t interact with the vulnerable sector in person, but they do over the internet. She wanted to know if we had training or any policy ideas for online engagement. Within two weeks of that phone call, I heard from four other clients asking the same question. Welcome to the future!

Utilizing volunteers or staff for online small groups, digital youth events, online mentoring and counselling, forums, live streamed messages, and community social networking sites is a great way to involve a workforce from all over the world and find new and creative ways to engage an online community.

However you’re doing or planning on doing online engagement, it’s a great idea to have a plan for protection.
This month, we’re focusing on online engagement. Our special interest webinar will provide helpful tips for safety when it comes to screening, training and supervision of team members who interact digitally with the vulnerable sector. We also have a special sale on our newest Orientation Course for Online Engagement Volunteers and Staff.

As we learn new ways to engage our communities online, let’s continue to raise the bar on protection together!

-Victoria Bissell, Director of Training
Protect Through Screening 
Sexual abuse has once again been in the news over the past few weeks. In recent media interviews, I have been asked how much protection criminal background checks really provide.

Whenever I encourage our clients to protect through screening, they immediately believe I am talking about criminal background checks.
Any form of background screening provides an important step towards protection. But criminal background checks and/or vulnerable sector checks are only one step in the screening process.

-Melodie Bissell, President and CEO
There are so many variations of Criminal Background Checks in the United States – can you help us understand the difference? 

Find out the answer HERE (question 10l).
March Special: Online Engagement Orientation

 Do you have volunteers and staff that work online? Take advantage of this month's special offer.

During the month of March, we are gifting you 50% off our Online Engagement Orientation. Other discounts do not apply.
Online Engagement and Programs
Special Interest Webinar

This webinar is designed for organizations who provide online engagement and programs. In this webinar, we provide practical tips for safety when it comes to online engagement and programs.

Cost: $30+tax per webinar
Special interest webinars are FREE for members. If you're interested in Plan to Protect® membership, click HERE .
Plan to Protect ® Through Screening

This webinar is designed for administrators and leaders of organizations who work with or serve the vulnerable sector. We provide practical tips and resources for screening volunteers and staff. We will also provide an overview of screening services Plan to Protect ® offers to make your job easier.

Cost: FREE
Certification Training

Want to learn more about our online certification courses? Check out this promo for our Train the Trainer Level 2 course.

Ready to register? Click HERE to get started.

It is with with great sadness that we announce that Tori, our Director of Training, will be leaving us at the end of May. It’s a bittersweet goodbye though, as Tori has accepted a position with Africa Inland Mission to work as a Child Safety Coordinator for Rift Valley Academy in Kenya. What a wonderful role for her combining her teaching degree, her calling to missions, and her six years of experience with Plan to Protect ® . In this role she’ll play a pivotal role in protecting more than 500 students and staff in a boarding school setting. If you’d like to learn more about Tori’s new journey or if you’d like to leave a note of encouragement click here .

We are looking to hire a Director of Training to join our Ontario-based team. The ideal candidate will have a background in education, strong communication skills, and a knowledge of abuse prevention.

For the more information and to apply, review the full position description HERE .
"I highly recommend you consider using MsgBox as a tool to engage with youth on-line. It is a low cost, secure tool for your volunteers and staff to use to engage in communicating safely."

-Melodie Bissell