Creating lives that thrive...
Greetings from Shire House!
I hope this note finds you and your loved ones doing well.
Another year is almost behind us, but it’s wonderful to see and experience the fruits of our labor.
Since June of this year, we have transitioned four clients out into their particular choice of housing. This is the most transitions we have done in such a short period.
Our transitional services include helping the young adult find appropriate housing based in part on their place of employment and transportation needs. We also help with the move itself if necessary and provide other supports as needed. Our clients either transition into a college dorm, an apartment of their own, shared housing or renting of a room with a family.
Our clients are very private, and because they are more aware of their special needs, they ask us not to take pictures. Therfore if you could just imagine the look of contentment as they start on this new leg of their adult journey.
It is wonderful to have our former client's ask if they can drop by to say hello and also have them continue to attend our Friday Socials. They are learning independence, but are still staying connected.
Scholarship Fund
Our residential program continues to thrive, we have now had 30 young adults come through our program!
Thanks to you and your generosity, we have not had to turn anyone away because of not being able to meet our fees.
Please consider making a donation today to our Shire House Scholarship Fund as we continue to help our young adults start and live thriving lives.
Shire House Social Oppurtunity
Our Friday Social continues to grow, creating friendships and expanding our Shire House community.
We have offered and held our Friday Socials for over five years now without charging a fee.
Our socials are every Friday, rain or shine from 6pm to 9pm. Email us for information.

Shared Housing
At Shire House, we have created and now operate two supported Shared Housing models; one is a three-bedroom and the other a two-bedroom setting.
Our Shared Housing models are a more economical and long-term supported housing opportunity for our young adults.
Visit us at our website for the dates and times of our next Shire House Interest Meetings.

Got eggs?
Our nine ladies bless us with almost a daily egg. Email us if you would like to stop by and pick up some eggs.